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HackerNest Kitchener-Waterloo November Tech Social
Venue: Swift Labs Swift Labs specializes in wireless and IoT hardware, with expertise across vertical markets including Industrial, Automotive, Agriculture, Consumer, and Home products. We have a team of world class engineers who are experts in electronics, mechanical, firmware, RF and antenna design, tuning and matching. We offer feasibility studies, proofs of concept, prototyping, and full product development. Swift Labs can manage an entire project, or we can be engaged to help with specific aspects such as maximizing RF performance or managing certifications. Swift Labs was ranked #14 on the Canadian Business Startup50, for the second year in a row. One of only two companies in the region on the list. HackerNest Tech Socials ( are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community. Atmosphere: chill, friendly, unpretentious, agenda-free (no sales pitch, yo), and brimming with UltraSmart(TM) people. Typical Tech Social schedule: - arrive, grab drinks, socialize - quick intro, announcements and sponsor thanks - back to chatting with new and old pals - go home, exhausted from great conversations SPONSORS: Sponsors ( make this growing movement possible, so we treasure and build deep, long-term relationships with the companies that endorse us. Please email [masked] for ways to connect with the HackerNest community! Venues: Want to show off your office? We're always looking for big open spaces with 100+ (standing room) capacity that are easily accessible: [masked] About Us: HackerNest ( builds strong, supportive local tech communities around the world. We run unpretentious tech and innovation events that improve humanity and overall economic prosperity. Check out this video to see what Tech Socials are like: Contact us: Volunteers- Dan Currie, [masked] Community Announcements- Sarah Welton, [masked] Venues- Kristina Lalatovic, [masked] Social Media/ Videography- David Sum, [masked] Design- Buket Birel, [masked] Finances- Gavin Kendall, [masked]

Swift Labs

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    WHY ATTEND TECH SOCIALS? Simple. To meet new friends who love tech. Our Tech Socials ** are unpretentious & agenda-free ** bring developers, designers, and other technologists together ** help folks meet new pals, co-founders, funders, and even future employers **. Interested in volunteering at a Tech Social, joining the organizing team, or starting a new one in your city? See our other events ( the world, then apply (!

    WHO SPONSORS TECH SOCIALS? Companies seeking greater community engagement. -- Sponsors ** support the grassroots tech community ** showcase their products, services, and teams ** constantly meet and hire talented developers, designers, project managers, + more! **


    HackerNest ( runs unpretentious tech and innovation events that advance technology, improve humanity, and contribute to greater overall economic prosperity. Our volunteer-run splinter cells (chapters), like our membership, grow and spread organically. As of February 2018, HackerNest will have run events in 70+ cities around the world. Check us out:

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    TECH SOCIALS are exactly what they sound like; home to both seasoned and fledgling technologists alike. They are down-to-earth, agenda-free community events where talented, enthusiastic tech nerds gather to socialize, wax technological, and meet future co-founders, employees, funders, and friends.

    Our HACKATHONS rally experts and technologists to put their skills towards socially-beneficial causes. We partner with the U.S. Department of State on Fishackathon which runs in dozens of cities worldwide; with Facebook and the UK/Canadian governments on DementiaHack - the world’s foremost hackathon dedicated to dementia and Alzheimer’s, and many others. We also provide CONSULTING SERVICES to governments and corporations that draw from our unique experiences in producing blockbuster internal and external innovation events.

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