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Peterborough, ON

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Apr 8, 2016


a resident of PTBO since 2007, a father of two budding teens, a software geek who loves coding algorithms, a lover of mexican food and sushi, a recovering serial entrepreneur

Title / Role (e.g. front-end developer, funemployed, UI/UX designer, janitor, project manager, etc.)

Mostly back end python coding (plumbing) and sometimes tensorflow (neural nets) when I'm lucky. Used to be a hard-core java programmer and a militant OO Architect.

Company / Organization

An internet company you've never heard of that monitors and moderates social media.

What year did you start working? (Students: what year will you graduate?)

1995. I coded voice mail systems in ansi C. Not C++, not C#, just plain C. With like functions and stuff. Actually, not a lot of other stuff, just variables and functions. C++ had been invented but the software industry in north america was by and large still wrestling with and rejecting the idea of dynamic memory allocation because "who knows how to control it?". Many team leads demanded that data structures be statically coded. The stupidity sucked.

Who are you hoping to meet at HackerNest events?

Real and physically present humans. I work with mostly disembodied voices across the internet that have no physical form that I've witnessed.

What are your favorite languages? (this question is intentionally ambiguous)

English. I feel like I've had a pretty good handle on it lately but it's lousy at getting computers to do stuff. For bossing computers around I favour python.