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Tech Socials: Jan 21 - feat. John Gray interview w/ AWESENSE CEO - #techsocials

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Next #techsocials Event! Monday, January, 21, 2013

New SHINY VENUE /// The Waterfall Building ///

New Year- New Space! /// We are hosting our January Meetup at The gorgeous Waterfall Building by Granville Island. The space is for let -- check our sponsors site: (

New DISCUSSION/INTERVIEW /// John Gray (contributor to Techvibes and Huffington Post BC) joins us to conduct a fresh interview with Mischa Steiner-Jovic of Awesense ( BC Business Magazine's #5 Most Innovative Company in BC in 2012) . Mischa is an awesome and cool chap who just received a whole bunch of funding and is setup to be kicking ass in the world of energy. He is a guy that likes to make great things, and get things done.

John will be asking Mischa some curated questions -- Wanna ask him something? Just use #JGvsMSJ on Twitter or try to get our attention at the event. 7pm - Doors Open 8:10-8:25ish (discussion/interview) 10:00 - Events over! Some stuff they could talk about:

#developing, #python, #energy, #smartgrid, #startups, #automation, #financing, #challenges, #wireless

Mischa Steiner-Jovic, CEO

Mischa, founder, President and CEO of Awesense Wireless. He holds a Diploma of Technology in Telecommunications from BCIT, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from University of Victoria. Mischa brings product development and management experience in the embedded electronics, wireless, and industrial sectors. Development experience includes product development for start-up companies within a high-tech business incubator. Mischa also represents Awesense Wireless as a voting and participating member within the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) led by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Mischa has helped initiate recycling programs in his community and is an avid advocate for energy efficiency.

ABOUT AWESENSE Awesense is dedicated to providing utilities with intuitive, affordable tools to reduce losses from power theft, meter malfunctions and transformer overloading. The Awesense hardware/software solution includes easily deployed portable line monitors that can be placed when and where needed, to record power consumption and wirelessly communicate to remote gateway receivers. Detection, reporting and data management, is automated using the Awesense senseNET software services. Awesense solutions are in use today, helping utilities recover over 100 million dollars every year and growing. Awesense is the worldwide market leader in systems focused on bypass detection and confirmation, and currently markets internationally on four continents.

John Gray

John jumped into the Start-up world in early 2009, bringing his experience in business development and sales to companies creating new software products. He was co-founder and CEO of Mentionmapp, a visual analytics company that was acquired by OverInteractive Media in October 2011.

Before that, he sold legal software and services (LexisNexis), medical devices (Auto Control Medical) and technical education for CAD/CAM software (Rand Worldwide). John’s also been a Vancouver Startup Weekend organizer. He’s now a full time freelance writer and storyteller.

The Vancouver tech startup, design, and gaming community has no shortage of great stories waiting be told, and John’s looking forward to writing them. John has a B.Ap.Sc. in Communications and a B.A. in English, both from Simon Fraser University. John’s a single dad, trying to keep out of the way of two great young adults getting on with their lives.

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