What we're about

All hands-on meetups around hacking traditional machine learning down to creating some intelligent agents and self-driving models.

Who should join: We are open to anybody who is interested in Machine Learning or Data Science from really new, but already passionate up to experienced folks, who would like to play around side projects.

Why members should join: To learn, share, and have fun doing so.

What members can expect: Monthly meeting with knowledge sharing on related topics

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#39 - 2021.10 - NLP and languages in texts

Online event

And we are back with more interesting talks and amazing speakers! :)

🆂🅻🅾🆃 #0: 18:00-18:10 - Welcome

🆂🅻🅾🆃 #1: - 18:10-18:55 - Gramformer - Prithiviraj Damodaran

Build a grammar error corrector by mining data from emergent systems. You will learn how Gramformer challenges the status quo and how the dataset was put together using some quirky ways.


🆂🅻🅾🆃 #2: - 19:00-19:45 - TBA



📌 Do not miss out on updates on Twitter - https://twitter.com/hack_ai and join the Munich ML community on Slack channel https://ai-hack-inviter.herokuapp.com/

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#39 - 2021.10 - Applying DS in the debt collection

Online event

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