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Hacks/Hackers #43 – the future of radio & the how technology is impacting audio
This month we'll meet at Thomson Media for a session on audio & tech including insights from German and Ukrainian professionals. Please do join us in this mild November weather! There will be some nibbles to keep us warm. Hacks/Hackers is a space to talk about the intersection between technology and journalism. Come and join us! SPEAKERS: Christian Schalt – On the Future of Radio Christian, who is based in Berlin and worked for many major radio stations in Germany and Austria, both as program director and as a general manager. In 2014 he spent several months in Silicon Valley studying how technology is changing the audio and music landscape. Since then he's been working as a consultant helping radio stations master the digital transformation and tech companies entering the audio space. Very timely, marking the 100th anniversary of the medium radio, his talk will provide an overview of the latest developments coming out of this sector as well as his thoughts on the future of radio. --- Andriy Chemes – Radio Skovoroda In line with the programme “Expanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia” financed by the German Foreign Office, Thomson Media has welcomed 14 radio professionals from Ukraine to work with their German partners in Berlin. Andriy from Radio Skovoroda ( will introduce the projects he is currently working on and provide the Ukrainian perspective on audio & tech. More info about the programme: --- As always, if you can help us find speakers, hosts or have a burning desire for a specific topic to be covered please contact us. Kind regards, Hacks/Hackers organising team.

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    The worlds of hackers and journalists are coming together as reporting goes digital and Internet companies become media empires. Journalists call themselves "hacks," someone who can churn out words in any situation. Hackers use the digital equivalent of duct tape to whip out code. Hacker-journalists try and bridge the two worlds.

    This group is to bring all these people together -- those who are working to help people make sense of their world. It's for hackers exploring technologies to filter and visualize information, and for journalists who use technology to find and tell stories. In the age of information overload, all their work has become even more crucial.

    This group aims to help members find inspiration and think in new directions, bringing together potential collaborators for projects and new ventures.

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