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Hacks Hackers Berlin #24

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Sascha V. and 2 others


It is lovely to be hosted again by Netzwerk Recherche for this spring edition of #hhber. We'll have a great lineup on stage of "Haus der Demokratie":


• Christina Elmer (Spiegel Online): “Tracing The Epidemic – How Journalists Can Detect Waves of Infection”

• Alper Çugun (Hubbub) will talk about Bycatch, a forthcoming issue game about drones and surveillance.

• Jonas Parnow, Alsino Skowronnek and Lucas Vogel: "Airbnb vs Berlin"

• Christine Liehr (MiCT), Cath Richardson, and Jan Michael Ihl on a digitalisation project in Mali

Looking forward to meeting the H/H Berlin crowd again!

Greifswalder Straße 4, 10405 · Berlin