Hacks/Hackers #45 – Open Source & Nonprofit Journalism


Hacks/Hackers is a space to talk about the intersection between technology and journalism.

In March, we meet at the brand new newsroom of taz, Germany's original progressive, independent and cooperative-owned newspaper. We'll have several short talks and space to discuss the latest tech and journalism topics, this time with a focus on open source and nonprofit journalism.


Thomas Schnedler – An intro to nonprofit journalism

Nonprofit journalism is growing in Germany and other European countries. Numerous newsrooms, networks and initiatives have emerged in the realm of investigative reporting and data journalism. They are a laboratory for innovative ideas and alternative financing models for journalism with a public value. Thomas Schnedler, who heads the Nonprofit Journalism Program of Netzwerk Recherche, will give an overview: How does foundation-funded and member-based nonprofit journalism work? What needs do nonprofit media startups have? What kind of resources and fellowships already exist?


Elisa Lindinger – Open source funding and journalism innovation

The Prototype Fund is a public funding program that supports software
developers, hackers, data enthusiasts and creatives in the initial
stages of their projects. It has supported more than 80 projects so far.
Elisa Lindinger, the director of the Prototype Fund, will give you a short
insight into the program itself and showcase a few Prototype projects
that are connected to journalism. Let's discuss which upcoming
challenges journalism will face, and how public funding can support you
in tackling them!


Pierre Dinh van – Open source tools at taz

Pierre Dinh van, a sysadmin at taz, talks about how to setup infrastructure for journalistic work in a data protection-compatible way. He explains why the sysadmins at taz are against using Slack, Dropbox and co. and how they have set up tools such as Riot, Seafile and Etherpad as alternatives. He'll also explain why this isn't always pretty.



This time we'll try something new: In addition to the usual space for announcements, we'll have a slot for lightning talks that take 3-5 minutes each. Lieke Ploeger and Tatiana Bazzichelli will present on Disruption Network Lab and their upcoming conference [1]. Christine Liehr will give an overview about the work of Thomson Media [2]. Simon Jockers will announce the Wahlsalon, a hackathon around election data [3].

[1] https://www.disruptionlab.org/dark-havens
[2] http://www.thomsonfoundation.org/thomson-media
[3] https://www.meetup.com/OK-Lab-Berlin/events/259818253/


As always, if you can help us find speakers, hosts or have a burning desire for a specific topic to be covered please contact us.

Kind regards,
Hacks/Hackers organising team.