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Hacks/Hackers #46 – online magazine design & data journalism

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Hacks/Hackers #46 – online magazine design & data journalism


This month, we once again meet at CORRECTIV to talk about the intersection between technology and journalism. We'll have several short talks and space to discuss the latest tech and journalism topics, this time with a focus on data journalism and online magazine design.


Paul Pistorius – Zucker Magazin

Paul Pistorius will talk about his thesis project ZUCKER MAGAZIN, which was published in 2017 as an experimental one-issue online magazine to explore the possibilities of online magazine design. It started as a design project and lead to profound questions about how we read and write in digital journalism. The talk will be held among two main questions: How can online reading be more attractive? And how can users get a better orientation within a text? Paul is a digital designer who works in the intersection of design, code and text.


Elena Erdmann, Julius Tröger, Sascha Venohr – Zeit Online

A team at ZEIT ONLINE has evaluated data on each of the approximately six million moves between East and West Germany, from 1991, the first year after the German reunification, until 2017. During these years, almost a quarter of the original population of East Germany moved to the West. What were the reasons and the consequences of this exodus? The people behind this huge project will present on the background of their research and the implementation of the interactive storytelling piece.


Elana Levin Schtulberg – Datawrapper Tables

DATAWRAPPER is a tool that makes it easy for journalists to create simple charts and maps. A week ago, the Datawrapper team released their new tables tool. With it, you can easily create tables to present various forms of data as plain numbers, but also using sparklines or bar charts. Elana, who comes from a mixed physics and design background, is heading user support and customization at Datawrapper. She’ll give you a quick overview of what you can do with Datawrapper tables.


Simon Wörpel – CORRECTIV

From Minden to Malta: More and more people realize that their landlords are big investment funds and wealthy individuals, which increasingly invest in – and sometimes speculate with – housing and commercial property. Simon is a data journalist for CORRECTIV. His talk gives a glimpse into the methods they used to follow messy crowdsourced data into offshore company networks. This is part of CORRECTIV's ongoing investigative project "Who owns Hamburg / Berlin / Düsseldorf?", in which they collaborate with local newspapers to investigate the housing markets via crowdsourcing.


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CORRECTIV is on the first floor, accessible through the side entrance of the Singer 109 hostel. There will be signs posted outside!

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