Hacks/Hackers #52 – Data journalism special: Meet the Dataship fellows


Happy New Year our fellow hacks and hackers! We hope you had a good start to 2020.

The HHBER year will kick off at Unicorn in Brunnenstraße where GIZ and Deutsche Welle Akademie are kindly hosting (and feeding) us on 22 January! This time, participants of the data journalism fellowship program 'Dataship' will present their projects. In the 12-month program, which is coordinated by DW Akademie, fellows from 11 countries, including Kenya, Colombia, Serbia and Malaysia, are given the opportunity to improve their data journalism skills.

Hacks/Hackers is a space to talk about the intersection between technology and journalism. Come and join us!


Fellows from the Dataship programme

Participants will get 2-5 min to pitch their projects and to introduce themselves or their team. This is followed by a talk from Gianna Gruen, Head of Data Journalism at Deutsche Welle who will provide insights into her work.

- Kevin Odanga Madung, Actuarial scientist, Kenya
- Samer Ahmed, Mechatronician & MA student, Kenya
- Cristian Edel Weiss, Investigative journalist, Brazil
- Roxanne Joseph, Investigative journalist, South Africa
- Wan Ulfa Nur Zuhra, Journalist, Indonesia
- Olivera Zivkovic, Journalist, Serbia
- Tamara Sekulovic, Journalist, Serbia
- Lee Long Hui, Data journalist, Malaysia
- Aidila Razak, Journalist, Malaysia
- Juan Pablo Marín Díaz, Media entrepreneur, Colombia
- Claudia Báez, Investigative journalist, Colombia
- Roman Sverdan, Graphic designer, Ukraine
- Nlemvo Diankembo Will Cleas, Journalist, DR Congo
- Rosario Marina, Investigative journalist, Argentina
- Mokhtar Alibrahim, Investigative journalist, Jordan


Gianna Gruen

Gianna-Carina Gruen is a data journalist and editor with DW (Deutsche Welle), Germany's international media company. She currently runs DW's data-driven unit, which she founded in 2017. She holds a Masters degree in Molecular Biomedicine and graduated from Columbia University’s Lede Program. She combines several years of journalistic experience as a multimedia online editor and science writer with both programming and design skills. When she's not producing or editing data-driven stories and visuals, she spreads enthusiasm for data journalism as a DDJ trainer.


As always, if you can help us find speakers, hosts or have a burning desire for a specific topic to be covered please contact us.

Kind regards,
Hacks/Hackers organising team.