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Student journalism showcase

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Simon E. and Daniel A.


6:00pm Arrive / Socialise / Grab a drink
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This month we'll have a showcase of student journalism projects from two classes at the University of Queensland—Journalism Design and Social and Mobile Computing.

Some of the students teams will present their design concepts and prototypes.


A visual solution to the issue of a lack of engagement in the news. Screens displaying a collage of images will be placed on public transport and passengers will be able to engage with the image that interests them using AR technology. They will 'scan' this image and when they do the corresponding news story will appear on their mobile device.

A mobile application that aims to increase political engagement in young voters. It utilises a smartphone to detect player location and provide an augmented view of physical infrastructure within the player’svicinity and provide information about how policy decisions led to the creation of each landmark.

Local Knowledge

An interactive coffee table, designed to bring people together, enrich and augment their table-top discussions about news and current affairs.

Users can explore global news, search for keywords and have access to both local public opinion (twitter) coupled with mainstream media on a single screen. The presentation of both types of news feeds allows users to read and reflect over news items, through novel interactions designed to support exploratory news consumption.

'Local Knowledge' acts as a catalyst for users to be able to form their own opinions about issues, situations and the climate of events.

A student project about exploring (through design) the human values that emerge surrounding the application of affective feedback to news consumption.

Side Chat
Take part in open, balanced dialogue with Side Chat!
Side Chat is a Reddit-like discussion forum that makes political echo-chambers more transparent. Rather than up-voting and down-voting comments, users vote on the political leaning of a comment. Balanced discussions are then prioritised over more biased 'group-think' threads.

A live-streaming app designed to increase the engagement of young people - who are currently relying on Facebook for news - with reliable, and relevant, news.


Hacks/Hackers is supported by a number of wonderful sponsors. Our presentation partner hub4101 ( provides event support and does a great job of promoting innovation, creativity and digital technology in the 4101 postcode (

We're very pleased to have sponsorship for this event from ThoughtWorks ( (who provide food and drink) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( (who provide our venue).

If you have any other questions or suggestions for this event or to make 2016 a great year for Hacks/Hackers Brisbane, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

You can email us ( or ) or get in touch via Twitter (@hackshackersbne (

114 Grey St · Brisbane
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