Let’s build a Bot for Pokémon! || HTML/CSS-Starters


General Information
Welcome to our next Hackschool! We have two great workshops for you. Please note, that this Hackschool will be a bit more time consuming due to the Advanced Bots Workshop (it's going to be awesome!). That's why we will provide some food & drinks for free for you. :)

Starters: HTML/CSS-Workshop
Martina Kraus
You know nothing about building a website? HTML and CSS sounds absolutely not familiar to you? But you want to know how this whole magic works with your browser? Then this workshop is just for you! We will build a complete website step by step: First we will learn everything about HTML5 and then we style our website in many colors with CSS3. You don't need to know anything about programming stuff or HTML/CSS. We'll start from scratch and walk through everything. Just bring your own laptop with your favorite browser and your favorite text editor (I suggest Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3).

Advanced: Let’s build a Bot for Pokémon! How to create a conversational bot with the help of luis.ai and the Microsoft Bot Framework
René Brandel
We will build a fully functional conversational bot from start to finish. It will reply to your user’s messages and also analyze the intent of the user. The bot will be created with the help of the Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS, which requires a Microsoft account. Technically, you can connect the bot to Skype, Slack and various other messaging apps. To be able to participate in this workshop the participant should ideally understand the fundamental concepts Node.js and great programming skills in Javascript.


• Latest version of Node.js (stable)

• A Microsoft Account (outlook.com/hotmail.com/live.com email address)