Google Go Workshop - A glance across the borders


General Information
Welcome to our August's Hackschool in Karlsruhe! This time we have a wonderful workshop about Google's programming language Go. As usual, we'll provide drinks & pizza for free. So, feel free to come over if you have any questions - we'll happily answer them. :)

Google Go Workshop - A glance across the borders
Igor Lankin (, inovex GmbH
Among other modern programming languages Google's Go [1] is an exceptional one. Most aspects of the language are thought-through and amaze with their simplicity and efficiency. But there are also some caveats and peculiarities. In this workshop we are giving some insights into essential language features and discover the special features and pitfalls of Go.

In comparison to other languages, Go excels at a higher concepts, therefore you will be able to follow this workshop best if you already have some programming experience. Things get interesting in particular when it comes to topics like parallel processing, object orientation, web services, etc. So it would help if you have heard about those things.

Please bring a laptop that runs Windows/Linux/Apple in any version that is compatible with Go (XP+/Kernel 2.6.23+/OS X 10.8+). To save some time beforehand you could download and install the Go binaries [2]. Don't worry if you don't have a laptop or can't manage to setup Go. We'll help you out. ;)

We are looking forward to seeing you!