Apache Accumulo: Past, Present, and Future

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Apache Accumulo Panel Discussion - The past, present, and future of Accumulo

Panel Members:

• Aaron Cordova (Koverse)

• Joey Echeverria (Cloudera)

• Adam Fuchs (Sqrrl)

• Billie Rinaldi (Hortonworks)

Moderated by Donald Miner (ClearEdge)

We will discuss all things Accumulo in this panel discussion from Accumulo proponents from various perspectives. The focus will be on the motivating reasons for building Accumulo, what kinds of things we see Accumulo doing today, and what major steps we see for Accumulo in the near future.

You do not need to be registered for the conference to attend.

The Amino Analytical Framework - Leveraging Accumulo to the Fullest

Steve Touw, CTO, 42six Solutions a CSC Company

Amino is an open source analytical framework that focuses on a “building-blocks” approach to data discovery by pre-computing features about data at the most granular level possible and then allows analysts and data scientists to easily combine those features into more complex questions.

The magic behind Amino is found in it’s custom Accumulo index; that index strives to provide fast scans, highly dimensional scans, data compression, and a simple query structure. The index leverages Accumulo iterators to do much of the scan time logic which has no limit on dimensionality of the query. Iterators are what makes Accumulo unique and enables the Amino index to execute the complex queries.

Encryption and Security in Accumulo

Michael Allen, Security Architect, Sqrrl

The early Accumulo developers made security a core part of Accumulo's codebase. As the open source community around Accumulo continues to thrive, this talk examines the current state of Accumulo's security features. The talk will detail some exciting developments in the upcoming 1.6 release, which include enhancements around encryption at rest and in motion. We will also take a broader look at new use cases suggesting a wider set of threats, and how current and future work addresses those threats.


Accumulo Community Meeting (Earlier)

Check out an "Accumulo Community Meeting" we are having from 1pm-6pm before the meetup. Different folks will be sharing different things about Accumulo and we'll have some time to chat about Accumulo in general. It's at the same venue as the meetup.