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Hadoop 2 with YARN, and Tez

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Speaker: Arun Murthy - Apache Hadoop Committer, member of the Apache Hadoop PMC, founder Hortonworks, and former VP of Apache Hadoop at the Apache Software Foundation. Arun is also the creator of YARN.

During this session we will discuss:

Apache YARN & Apache Tez

Apache Hadoop has become synonymous with Big Data and powers large scale data processing across some of the biggest companies in the world. Hadoop 2 is the next generation release of Hadoop and marks a pivotal point in its maturity with YARN - the new Hadoop compute framework. YARN - Yet Another Resource Negotiator - is a complete re-architecture of the Hadoop compute stack with a clean separation between platform and application. This opens up Hadoop data processing to new applications that can be executed IN Hadoop instead of outside Hadoop, thus improving efficiency, performance, data sharing and lowering operation costs. The Big Data ecosystem is already converging on YARN with new applications like Apache Tez being written specifically for YARN. Apache Tez aims to provide high performance and efficiency out of the box, across the spectrum of low latency queries and heavy-weight batch processing. The talk will provide a brief overview of key Hadoop 2 innovations, focusing in on YARN and Tez - covering architecture, motivational use cases and future roadmap. Finally, the impact of YARN on the Hadoop community will be demonstrated through running interactive queries with both Hive on Tez and with Hive on MapReduce, and comparing their performance side-by-side on the same Hadoop 2 cluster.