Hyperlane: Helps GfK to facilitate collaboration b/w Engineers & Data Scientists

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This time, we'll have Jörg Petzold & Nikolaus Pohle from GFK talk about the tool Hyperlane and tell us what it is used for.

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Hyperlane – A Data Platform that helps GfK to facilitate collaboration between Engineers and Data Scientists.


We are going to talk about a Tool Suite developed internally at GfK which supports our global team of Data Scientists along the life cycle of data driven projects. Hyperlane builds on existing technologies in the Hadoop Ecosystem (Oozie, HCatalog) and adds crucial functionality for an Enterprise environment where distributed teams of data providers, scientists and engineers need to collaborate efficiently. Preserving and managing Business Meta Data is key when the analysis is moved from the Data Science “Lab” to the Data Science “Factory”. Features we will discuss include:

- Improved findability of relevant data sets using a data catalog that features rich business meta data (context, lineage, evolving schemas).

- Better collaboration and strict quality controls enforced though sign-offs and clear accountabilities for providers and consumers of data sets.

- Easier prototyping and development of statistical models through reusable and extensible „engines“ implemented in PIG,JAVA and R

- More transparency through Job Flows visually represented as “interactive” graphs used for documentation, configuration and monitoring.


- Jörg Petzold
holds a M.A. in International Information Management from the University of Hildesheim. After working as software engineer, he joined GfK Nurago where he established and runs several teams to manage and support the ever growing GfK Nurago IT infrastructure like System Administration, Application Management, Technical Consultancy, Web Application Development and Managed Services. Apart from team management, Jörg spends his days as Projekt Manager for two Big Data projects within GfK.

- Nikolaus Pohle
holds a B.A. in Information Management from BA Hannover and a B.A. in Media Management from HMTM Hannover. After a consultancy and software development role at an IBM Integration Partner he joined GfK nurago as its CTO. Here he built a team of 50 software engineers and spearheaded the adoption of Big Data Technologies for Audience Measurement applications. As the Lead Architect in the GXL project he oversees all software engineering and technology operations.