1st: Hadoop Data Lake vs classical Data Warehouse & 2nd: Hybrid Architectures

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Talk 1:
"Hadoop Data Lake vs classical Data Warehouse: How to utilize best of both worlds"
Looking at the IT landscape of big and medium-sized companies, Hadoop Data Lakes are no rarity anymore. Classical Data Warehouses stay on the map as well. So we usually have a hybrid landscape, historically grown and more or less loosely coupled. To gain value from this setup, it requires a holistic and use case oriented approach. This session presents a best-practice architecture. We will illustrate the strengths and shortcomings of its components. On the basis of a real project example we will discuss which challenge can be tackled best by which part.

Kolja works with Woodmark Consulting (based in Munich) on solving customers' data challenges. In consulting projects he typically designs architectures and frameworks for data integration. Currently Kolja focusses on aspects of Hybrid Architectures. He studies how established components from classical Data Warehouses and those from modern Hadoop environments can be smartly combined. Kolja holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the TU Munich with focus on databases and information systems.

Talk 2:
"Hybrid Architectures, Data Lakes + Data Warehouse"
The big data discussion continues and the practice shows that Data Lakes do not replace but complement Data Warehouse. Which new scenarios are possible? What are the strengths of hybrid architectures, ie the combination of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses?

Alfred has been in the IT industry for more than 30 years. His main topics were metadata management, data modeling and data quality. After all, he accompanied many Data Warehouse projects in larger companies. In recent years, he has developed seminar programs for advanced analytics with the analytical language R and especially for machine learning with R. Since Big Data is also an issue in Germany, he is pursuing this discussion and overseeing, among other things, Oracle's Big Data product portfolio.