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Monthly meetings on technology. Come meet with engineers , entrepreneurs and technologists from the area , hear fascinating lectures from leading technology of Haifa and the North and meet new people . Meetings will be held every third Tuesday of the month ..

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SparkBeyond - Scaling an AI based company

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For the September meetup we're hosting Solom Alkhasov. Solomon is a General Manager at SparkBeyond, AI Platform empowering F500, G2000 clients to solve some of their most strategic problems. Originally an engineer & physicist, after some time at McKinsey & Co. serving G500 clients, Solomon ran McKinsey's M&A / Partnerships team to acquire 6 companies into McKinsey & form a number of strategic equity partnerships. Solomon left McKinsey to move to Tel Aviv and run SparkBeyond's partnerships team. SparkBeyond is AI first company, giving truly amazing insights to customers. In this meetup we will discuss SparkBeyond's Platform. We will also talk about how scale an AI-first company to international markets, how to build partnerships and much more. Growing an enterprise software company through partnerships brings reach and relevance - it's an accelerant, but needs to be timed to direct efforts, technology maturity, and global footprint to take off. Understanding your partners business model helps design the right framework where partners have 'skin in the game' commitment to growing mutual business. Set a partnership up right and it can start delivering impact from day 1. SparkBeyond picked up a few learnings on what it means to empower digital consultancies and technology giants for win/win go-to-market. About SparkBeyond ==== SparkBeyond’s Platform tests millions of questions on data a minute that the brain would never think to ask, to discover hidden insights behind strategic business problems such as churn, fraud, risk scoring, and location optimization, for example. Automatically accessing multiple external data sets from census to unemployment data, open-source maps and 100 years of weather for example, empowers users to find further insight. SparkBeyond is the AI platform for a number of global CPG names, banks, insurers, and beyond haven generated >$1b in client impact across 20+ sectors. Now with 160 people and offices in NY, London, Singapore, Melbourne, and R&D in Netanya, SparkBeyond grew through partners. Microsoft is a close strategic partner, Satya Nadella commissioned this 2' video on SparkBeyond: https://youtube.com/watch?v=GGvns4CmVoU

Design Sprints, Jazz, and the art of making the right mistakes

Making mistakes is an inherent part of creating new and innovative products, but if you don’t know how to manage them and leverage on them, the price of making them can bury your project. Design Sprints, invented by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures, is a great way to manage mistakes in your product creation process. In under a week, you can go from an idea to a tested prototype - getting a quick glimpse into your future product. In this lecture, Ram, an award-winning product designer and jazz musician, will explore the commonalities of making mistakes in both product creation and jazz in order to make something really great. Who should participate? - Startup founders - Executives at large companies - Team leads and managers - Product Managers / Product Owners - Marketers - Designers - Engineers - Process gurus The session will be held in English Agenda: 18:00 Welcome 18:15 Design Sprints, Jazz, and the art of making the right mistakes 19:30 Q&A The Speaker: Ram Almog (Ramster) Ram is a serial entrepreneur that founded and invested in a number of start-ups, one of which was acquired by Playtika. He is a technologist with a film degree, has vast experience with marketing, and is also in a jazz band. Ram is our chief strategist, and has been helping companies reinvent their businesses for over 15 years. He also mentors start-ups in various incubators including the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, IDC Herzliya, and 8200 EISP. Ram speaks and runs workshops all over the world.

Your easy move to serverless computing - a small step for a big difference

Dr. Vernik Gil is hands-on senior architect, technical and a team leader @IBM Research. He is an expert in Big Data analytic engines, serverless computing, storage, general distributed execution frameworks. Gil has more than 25 years of experience as a code developer, received PhD in 2008 and completed postdoctoral position in Germany. Monte-Carlo simulations, HPC flows, data pre-processing for AI - all sharing similar challenges where and how to scale the computations, what is the setup overhead and does scaling requires modifying business logic of the computation. Suppose a data scientist writes Python code for Monte Carlo simulations. The general process involves writing the code and running a simulation over small set of data to test it. Assuming this all goes smoothly, how does the data scientist now run the same code at a massive scale, with parallelism, on terabytes of data, doing millions of Monte Carlo simulations? Clearly, he would prefer not to need to learn the intricacies of setting up virtual machines, suffer long setup times for the virtual machines, nor become an expert in scaling up Python code. This is exactly where serverless computing could come to the rescue. In this talk we learn what is serverless computing (aka. Function as a Service) and we address the challenge how serverless computing can be easily used for broad range of scenarios. We will focus on how to connect existing code and frameworks to serverless without the painful process of starting from scratch and/or learning new skills. We demonstrate how open source PyWren - IBM framework provides “push to the cloud” experience and automatically scales and executes the user function as a serverless actions at massive scale.

Is it a live face in front of the camera or a photo?

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For our last 2019 meetup we will be hosting Yoav Feldman. Yoav is a Machine Learning and Computer Vision expert. Yoav will give a talk about Face Verification and will discuss how to know that a live face is in front of the camera and not a photo. Liveness detection are a group of Algorithms that their purpose is to assure a live face is in front of the camera and not just a photo, just right before a Face Verification procedure. Face Verification is a Face Recognition Module when you know ahead who that person should be, and the purpose of the system is to approve that by comparing that persons Live Face in front of the camera to that person pictures stored in the system. Face Verification is a common feature in modern Smartphones. At the upcoming lecture Yoav is going to present a part of a Face Verification project that has been recently delivered to a client of his. This part is a Highly Important and a Crucial Pre Module to an Accurate Biometric Face Verification in order to enter a Secured Facility. Yoav will present his use of Image Processing and Computer Vision to deal with the challenge. Several subjects that will be discussed are : 1) Finding the face location 2) Finding accurate Landmarks Locations in the face like the Eyes, Mouth Etc ... And of course the final solution! Yoav see Meetups as a place to enrich knowledge to everyone therefore his lecture is not intended particularly to Computer Vision Engineers. Therefore he will present his lecture in a friendly way non-experts as well.

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