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We're hosting Prof. Opher Etzion for our July Meetup. Prof. Etzion is the head of the Information Systems Department and head of the Technological Empowerment Institute, both in the Yezreel Valley College.

Prof. Etzions bio is too long to to post, but few of the highlights are: IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, Chief Scientist of Event Processing at IBM Haifa Research Lab, Adjunct Professor in the Technion. He is also the Co-auther of of "Event Processing in Action" book, from 2010.
Since 2014 he is hosting a weekly radio show that concentrates on in-depth interviews with interesting people.

And now, about the lecture :)

The Internet of Things has been recognized as one of the recent trends. Currently we experience the early days of IoT in the market, and we already see that it changes the world as we know it.
On the other hand, the last decade has known fast progress in the Artificial Intelligence area.

This talk reports on current and predicted future blend of these two technologies that results in sensor-based real-time intelligent systems.
The talk discusses three topics:

• Introduction by providing common denominator for the discussion, and survey Internet of Things functionalities, and provides basic insights towards the potential relationship to AI. Then some applications of Intelligent IoT are discussed, such as: smart home, Intelligent vehicles and intelligent transportation, cognitive helpers for the elderly, and dynamic planning. We discuss the role of human vs. the role of the computer in all of these cases. We also discuss the perspectives of Apple, Google, and Facebook on intelligent IoT.

• The different aspect of intelligent behavior such as: machine learning, uncertainty handling, social intelligence and more

• Future perspectives: singularity, social impact and more.

See you there!