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Haifa:Dev - Live CSS Coding with Elad Shechter

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David Baruch K. and Tomer M.
Haifa:Dev - Live CSS Coding with Elad Shechter


Haifa:Dev community is moving to Discord!

Join our Discord community with Elad Schechter for a live online coding session! (in Hebrew)
Elad will show you how to structure CSS files and folder with his highly efficient Storytelling architecture, making a simple project from scratch.

About CSS Storytelling Architecture:

It is an imaginary story that represents the CSS, in a way that we can understand the CSS code nature, from direct reading of the CSS and / or the HTML. In this session we will talk about:
• Project folder and file structure
• Global Variable Definitions
• How to reset a CSS project
• Utility Classes
• Partials Types
• And a lot more

About Discord:

Our Discord community is always on and always active. Join today using the event's link or QR code and dive into an ever-expanding community of developers from Haifa and all around Israel.
Get instant answers to any questions in your preferred technology, as well as screen-sharing + voice sessions on-demand for free!

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