What we're about

For Haikyuu fans who want to practice some volleyball with other Haikyuu fans! You don't need to be as good as Hinata, but you need to have at least Kenma's level of enthusiasm for the sport.

We'll start with drills, followed by a friendly game or two (or three) afterwards. It'll primarily be outdoors, but if we can secure indoor courts or sand courts, we can also play some indoor volleyball or beach volleyball.

If there's interest and a suitable venue, we can do some other Haikyuu-related activities as well, e.g. anime or stage play viewing.

Hm? "Haikyuu" means "volleyball" so this meetup is really called "volleyball volleyball practice"? Well, it's all Furudate's fault for creating this series.

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Haikyuu Volleyball Saturday Practice

Fair Oaks Park

First practice! We may alternate between Saturdays and Sundays. We'll set up a blue volleyball net on the grass near the skate park in Fair Oaks Park in Sunnyvale. There may be a small Haikyuu towel on the net. There is plenty of parking by the skate park, if you turn in from the intersection between N. Wolfe Rd and E. Maude Ave. In the rare event that the lot becomes full, there is parking at Plug and Play Tech Center next to the park. There is also parking at Lowes across the street. Bring sunglasses, plenty of water, maybe a jacket in case it gets cool. We'll do some drills, maybe play a game, and of course, talk about Haikyuu.

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