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This is a group who any Agile enthusiasts who wish to hear about best practice in an ever evolving digital landscape.

We plan to host a wide variety of speakers, topics and talks all focusing on all things Agile.

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Measuring Your Success In Agile

Duke Studios

Are you delivering the right product? Focusing on delivering is a key cornerstone in Agile but how do you know if you have delivered the right thing for your customers and your organisation. Do you feel overwhelmed when dealing with Key Performance Indicators and Critical success factors? Have you got a validated learning loop within your team? In this session we will explore why you need to measure the success of your product, how do you implement a validated learning loop within your team. We will discuss how you can use alternative tools like OKRs within your organisation and when is then the best time in the product life cycle to think about metrics. You will leave the session with practical examples that you can in your organisation and tips to how you can measure the success of your product About the speaker: Rohela is a freelance business analyst, currently working with Food Standard Agency. Her background is a mix of public sector, Consultancy and Retail banking. I specialise on large Agile Digital transformation programmes.

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Managing The Pressures of BA Life

Duke Studios

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