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Lets get a game of Diplomacy going.

Diplomacy differs from the majority of war games in several ways:

-Players do not take one turn each, instead all players secretly write down their moves after a negotiation period, and then all moves are revealed and put into effect simultaneously.

-Social interaction and interpersonal skills make up an essential part of the game's play.

-The rules that simulate combat are strategic, abstract, and simple—not tactical, realistic, or complex—as this is a diplomatic simulation game, not a military one.

-Combat resolution contains no random elements — no dice are rolled, no cards are drawn.

We have to have 7 players to play this game. Jim Yerkey has volunteered to moderate this game or fill in as 7th player if need be. The 7 players are firm so if you are not sure if you will be able to attend please RSVP No as soon as possible. This is a long game 6+ hrs not including the instruction in the beginning. This event is open so if you would like to come and watch or play another game you are welcome to. If you RSVP yes please let us know if you are playing in the diplomacy game.

If you would like to attend this event and you haven't been to a club meetup yet please email me before you RSVP as this is our own private house and we only allow players we have met previously into our home.