What we're about

Tired of book clubs that tell you not to come unless you've actually finished the book? Tired of getting the evil eye from everyone in the group because you're the only one who hated the book that they're raving about? Tired of book snobs sneering at your suggestion for next months read? If you are.. we're the book group for you.

We'll collectively pick books and each month and we'll try to find the time in our busy lives to actually read it. But if your job gets crazy, your kids get the flu, or you just don't finish it because you hated it, we'll still get together to discuss the parts of it we actually read. And while we're at it we'll share some drinks and possibly some food and we'll appear to be smarter as we say to our other friends and co-workers "I can't go. I have book club that night."

Please don't misunderstand. YOU SHOULD PLAN ON AT LEAST TRYING TO READ THE BOOK. Or at least buy a copy to bring with you to the discussion so you can leaf through it frantically in an attempt to have something to add to the conversation. Or just drink an extra glass of wine and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. There's no judgement here.

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