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It's another hot summer day... (or not)

What would be nicer than a short hike to a remote lake, stripping off all your clothes and jumping into the clean, cool water? It might be even more fun to do it with other good-hearted people who have the same idea. Safety in numbers after all, and it's nice to have people to talk to!

This is a group for anyone who would simply like to go skinny dipping in a group. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, young or old, fat or thin. It certainly doesn't matter if you're single or partnered, straight or gay or transgender. Those things don't matter because this isn't about hooking up; it isn't about judging people; it isn't about sexual behaviour in any way - it's genuinely and honestly 100% about swimming nude on hot days!

You might be wondering about children. We have had children attend events - we are "all-welcome" after all - and it has gone very well. There are a few things to remember: (1) Any children must be accompanied by a parent, and parents are fully responsible for their children. The rest of us will not act as babysitters or lifeguards. (2) Children must be made aware of the rules regarding proper behavior and confidentiality, and be prepared to abide by them. (3) The outdoor swims usually involve a reasonably long and/or difficult hike through the woods, which the child must be able to handle. (4) Pool swims will require a waiver be signed by the parent.

If you like the idea of being part of a safe, non-judgemental, non-sexualized group of friends who sometimes go skinny dipping together, I think you should join this group.

Too cold for the lake?

Not to worry. We also have off-season nude swimming indoors in a heated pool. From time to time, other events may be offered, as well. Stay tuned!

Why you might be nervous to join/attend events, and why you should anyway.

"I'm a guy, and I'm afraid it might be all guys". Well, that might happen sometimes - society makes it harder for women to overcome their body shyness than men. So what? The sun is still shining, the water is still cool. Nothing sexual is going on, and no one is trying to pick you up. Why not put aside your hangups and give it a try?

"I'm a girl... and I'm afraid it might be all guys". That might happen sometimes. Just remember that this is a group of non-judgemental, accepting friends, attending an event where pickups and sexual behaviour are firmly off limits. Every guy there will be your protector, and there is zero tolerance for creeps. (And you don't have to actually get completely nude if you don't want to.)

"I'm a guy, and I'm afraid of getting an erection". Guys get erections for all kinds of reasons. One of the best ways to get an erection is to try very hard not to get one! This is a group of people who accept each other and don't judge. We all understand that physical responses happen, and no one will freak out if they catch a glimpse of an erection. Still, the polite thing to do is wade into deeper water or go lie on your front for a little while until it passes. On the other hand, behaviour that deliberately draws attention to your condition in a sexual way is not polite and will result in you not being invited next time,

"I'm afraid my boss/partner/parents will find out." There's nothing illegal or immoral about what we're doing, but we understand that life is sometimes more complicated than that. Everyone in the group is committed to respecting each other's confidentiality.

"I'm afraid someone might take a nude picture of me." Usually there will be no photography at our events at all. Sometimes we might want to take pictures for the meetup group. Everyone in the group has agreed not to take pictures at our events without making sure that everyone in the frame is OK with it first.

"I've never taken my clothes off in front of strangers before." The first time takes a little bravery, but the weirdness only lasts about ten seconds - then it feels like the most natural and wonderful thing in the world. All the same, most of our events are clothing optional - you can wear a swimsuit if you prefer. (But you'd be missing out).

"I'm afraid this might be illegal." It is illegal to be nude in public in Canada if it "offends against public decency or order." In 1977 in the case of R v Benolkin the court ruled "this offence is not aimed at conduct such as swimming nude at an isolated beach, even where the accused misjudges the loneliness of the beach". Nova Scotia has thousands of isolated lakes and beaches where no one ever goes, and where nude swimming is not illegal. The indoor pool swims are completely legal.

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