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Come and meet with others interested in spiritual practice and a search for inner freedom. The framework for our discussions will be based on the teachings of G.I.Gurdjieff.

Dear Members,

The second workshop on Living a More Conscious Life is scheduled for Sunday, April 22, 9-11am. The theme of the workshop will be "Self-knowledge the key to living a more conscious life".

Indicate your interest by emailing "consciousliving@bellaliant.net" before Wednesday, April 18.

Location: 5670 Spring Garden Rd, on the corner of Spring Garden and Brenton. Use the entrance on Spring Garden, just to the right of the CUA bank machines.

You will be met at the door when you arrive. We share a large open room with the Atlantic Contemplative Centre on the 9th floor overlooking the Public Gardens.

Contribution: $10.

Dorothy and Chris

Workshops in Conscious Living Starting April 2018
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There is still time to register for the series of Workshops in Conscious Living, sponsored

by the Association for the Study of Conscious Living.

Here are our objectives in bringing you these workshops:



To provide a framework of ideas and practices that will:

Deepen your understanding of what is needed to live a more conscious life;

Identify obstacles that keep you from living more consciously;

Include tools that support your efforts to become more conscious;

Offer opportunities for support and community in your journey toward consciousness.


Sign up before April 18 by e-mailing < consciousliving@bellaliant.net > to reserve a place and get details on bright, private, and spacious location on Spring Garden Road.

The format includes presentations, meditation, exercises, readings, conversation and refreshments.

Workshops will reflect the teaching of G.I. Gurdjieff—one of the most influential 20th century spiritual masters on the means of awakening to Consciousness.

“Gurdjieff’s teaching touches every aspect of human life; leaves no question unexplored;and at the same time speaks to the deepest longing of the human heart.”

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