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A relaxed, friendly group where people of all language levels can practice and learn spoken French. A great opportunity to improve your French conversation skills while making new friends. Venez parler en français avec d'autres francophones et francophiles dans une atmosphère détendue et amicale! Nous offrons une occasion de pratiquer vos habiletés en conversation française, tout en rencontrant de nouveaux amis.


Q1: Can I come even if I don't know how to speak French?
Everyone is welcome. You will enjoy a better experience if you are able to carry a basic French conversation, as you will be engaged with the other participants. One of the more advanced French speakers, the Event Host or the Meeutp Group Organizer will gladly assist you with vocabulary if you are struggling with certain words. Please note that this Event is not a structured class and we are not here to teach the language; rather, we help you practice it.

Q2: Can I come to your events if I am not a member of the Group?

As this group is Public, anyone could attend. However, certain events are reserved for registered group members and their guests. You can join some of these events if you are accompanied by a Group member.

Also, it is recommended to register with the Group. as it gives an Event Host an estimate of the amount of participants that will attend a Meetup, and whether or not an event will occur.

Q3: Where can I learn French in Halifax?
Check out Alliance Française Halifax (http://www.afhalifax.ca (http://www.afhalifax.ca/)) or Université Sainte-Anne (http://www.usainteanne.ca (http://www.usainteanne.ca/)). Both are excellent resources to learn French in this city.

Q4: What is the skill level of all speakers?
Participants at this Meetup have varied skill sets. They vary from those who just started taking French classes, to increasingly advanced speakers, and those for whom French is their mother tongue. Having said that, we recommend that beginners attend the Conversation au My Dream Cheesecake Meetup for its quieter settings.

Q5: Where can I get French books?
The Halifax Public Library has a selection of French language books at their branches. Amazon also offers a certain selection of books in French.

Furthermore, Renaud-Bray (http://www.renaud-bray.com (http://www.renaud-bray.com/)), a Québec-based bookstore, offers free standard shipping through Canada Post for all orders of $39.00 or more (before taxes) to all locations in Canada.

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Le fait que nous ne pouvons nous rencontrer en personne à l'intérieur ne nous empêchera pas de se rencontrer. Donc, venez discuter avec nous, à partir de chez vous! Just because we cannot meet at an indoor venue does not mean we cannot meet. So, meet with us while you are still at home! You don't live in Halifax? Come and join us anyway! To keep the meeting manageable, I am limiting registrations to 10 people. We will meet using Jitsi Meet, and you only need to click or tap the event link on the Event page to launch your session. You already RSVP'd, there is a Waitlist and you cannot come to this Meetup anymore? Please change your status to "Not Going" to give someone on the Waitlist the chance of attending. What do you need? -A reliable Internet connection. -A computer with a microphone and a webcam, a tablet, or a smartphone. -If using a tablet or smartphone, you can download the Jitsi app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Make sure your device is fully charged, as videoconferencing apps tend to use a lot of power! -Your device's power cord or portable charger, especially if you are using your smart phone or tablet. -A comfortable place to sit. -Your own drink. A coffee, a beer, a glass of wine, a glass of Bulwark's Cider, or even your water bottle! -NOTES- For those of you planning to join us using your computer, check your configuration before using it, as not all computers will support it. Jitsi Meet works with Chrome, the latest version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, as well as Firefox, while Brave supports audio only; for Mac users, Safari is supported for audio only. Questions or need help setting up? Feel free to send me a message or text me at (343)[masked]

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Rencontrons-nous virtuellement sur Jitsi!

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