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Welcome again to our monthly Meetup! This time we will meet in the offices of GULP, a personal service provider company. They will join us with their own Meetup Group, the Round Table: IT @ GULP. That's a small and friendly round of software developers and IT people. If you want to get a place - they have some left in their Meetup! 😉 For this Meetup, we will show you how it is to work as a software developer. If you consider a career in tech, or want to see if this would be something for you, this will give you valuable insights. We show you some examples, so you get an idea of how the daily life in a software developer team looks like. We will have 2 talks: 👩‍💻 Work-Life at a Software Company by Teresa Holfeld I will show you how the daily life of a software developer looks like. You will see a lot of images, and get a feeling of the tasks software developers tackle, and how a typical work-life balance looks like. 💪 Working in High-Performing Teams by Stefanie Könnecke Appointments, deadlines, features to finish and bugs to fix – they will ask a lot of you. Steffi will show you some self-organization methods that software teams can apply for staying performant and sane. For this evening, we are still organizing a nice location. We will update this Meetup as soon as we got the confirmation. Until then - see you soon! Teresa -- This Meetup is hosted by Hamburg Coding School. For more information on our courses, visit

GULP Information Services GmbH

Wendenstraße 1a · Hamburg


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This Meetup is for anyone who is interested in Education in Technology, be it learning a new programming language, teaching kids how to code, or sending your company's developers to training courses. We want to share our insights about what methods we use for educating ourselves and others, what works best and what maybe doesn't. We want to show each other learning platforms, agile methodologies, and hear about your own course formats. Join us, learn, teach, and connect with others in technology education!

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