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This group is for those walking down the spiritual path, or those who are simply curious in these topics. Everybody is welcome and there is no experience required in Yoga, Reiki or Meditation to join.

In this meetup, I will be holding yoga classes, Reiki shares, full moon and new moon gatherings, meditation evenings and intention settings.

My goal is to bring together a community of like minded individuals, who want to help each other grow along their spiritual journey.

I have already created this same group in Dusseldorf where I was previously living, and I met so many amazing people and we all shared such beautiful experiences. I can only hope that this group will bring the same.


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Yin Yoga (English)

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I will be teaching a weekly Yin Yoga class at Yoga Connection. This class is open to all levels and experiences. If it’s your first time at Yoga Connection, you can take part in this class for just 10€! Yoga mats are provided at no extra cost. Your teacher: My name is Maddie, and I trained to become a yoga teacher in Rishkesh, India (Yoga Capital of the World). I teach mainly Vinyasa flow, and was also trained in Hatha yoga. I really love to incorporate the spiritual aspects of yoga into my classes, allowing you to connect back to your higher self. I have a degree in Psychology and have been practicing Reiki since 9 years old. I love to incorporate these different elements into my practice, providing a holistic and magical yoga experience. Find out more about Maddie's Yoga journey here: https://youtu.be/XzDUEMbwP7Q

Wild Women New Moon Circle

Friedensallee 26


**Please note this is a ticket only event, and without a ticket you are unable to turn up and take part (due to preparation needed for circle set up and for the activities) ** New Moon in Libra- Wild Sisters let’s come together and gather under the New Moon in Libra. Libra is a cardinal Air sign, ruled by Venus (Planet of sensuality & eros) - carrying a Masculine charge, and located within the 7th House. The 7th House in Astrology is referred to as the house of marriage in the sense that it’s all about relationships. Whether it’s in love, friendships, business partners, and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself. With Libra being all about the sign of balance, in this circle we will learn to cultivate balance within all aspects of our relationship with ourselves and those around us. And seeing as we have a focus on balance, we will opening circle with a balancing yoga flow. The Wild Woman Project- At a Wild Woman Project Circle you can expect to feel your heart expand, feel the love and support from your fellow sisters and be free to express yourself and be heard, in a safe, loving and supportive space. Sometimes there will be tears releasing deeply held emotions, sometimes tears of joy, often lots of laughter and a deep sense of connection to yourself and the group. You can expect to leave the circle feeling uplifted and nourished from within, knowing that you have a loving community of sisters who are there to support you on your journey. Schedule- (This is a four-hour workshop). -Sage Blessing -Opening Circle -Grounding Meditation -Pranayama (breath work) -Balancing Yoga Flow -Guided Visualization ** Break with vegan potluck & herbal tea ** -Oracale card activity -Journalling prompts -Intention Setting New Moon Ritual -Closing Circle *I will be providing herbal tea & some light vegan snacks, if you would also like to contribute a vegan snack to share with your Sisters that would be most appreciated. Investment- I have changed my pricing structure to support our community of Sisters who attend my workshops regularly. The price paid for this workshop will depend on previous workshop attendance (not including donation based events). Seed: New attendee (regular price) 45€ Sprout: Previously attended 1 workshop/1 Reiki treatment (10% off) 40.50€ Sunflower: Previously attended 2 or more workshops/ Reiki treatments (20% off) 36€ For further information about this pricing structure, please check out my pricing section. https://www.theveganyogitraveller.com/events/2019/9/28/wild-woman-new-moon-circle Your Circle Leader- Maddie is an International Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and a Wild Woman Project Circle Leader, who has travelled the world and lived in four different countries (and six cities). She has a first class degree in Psychology, and has many holistic interests such as vegan nutrition, sustainable living and female empowerment. Maddie is currently living in Hamburg (Germany), where she is teaching yoga in English at five different studios, hosting a wide variety of workshops for women (moon circles, reiki events, yoga, cacao ceremonies & more), and is hosting global Yoga & Spiritual Retreats around the world. If you are in Hamburg, you can connect with Maddie through her Meetup group ‘Hamburg Reiki, Yoga & Meditation’, where you can find a list of all of her events and yoga classes.

Introduction to Reiki Workshop 12.10.19

Friedensallee 26


Reiki is (Rei) universal (ki) life force energy. When we learn to tap into the power of Reiki, we’re tapping into the ever present flow of life. Reiki is accessible to all, with no restrictions and no belief system or religion attached to it. Everyone can learn to practice Reiki and harness its many benefits. In this workshop, we will be diving deep into what exactly Reiki is, how we can use Reiki to improve our lives, health, and state of mind, and how Reiki can be used to speed up the manifestation process. We will be learning about the chakra system, the many different uses of Reiki and how we can begin to integrate it into our daily lives. No previous experience or knowledge of Reiki is required to attend. This workshop is designed to give you holistic overview, so you can leave feeling confident in your understanding of Reiki as a healing modality, and self actualising discipline. Even if you already have a basic knowledge of Reiki, or even if you are already an attuned Reiki practitioner, you can still come along and enjoy a refresher and dive a little deeper. The schedule- •Intro circle •What is Reiki? -The origins -The purpose -The process •Introduction to the chakra system -What are the chakras? -How are they connected to my body? -What happens when they’re out of balance? -How to use Reiki with the chakras •Pranayama & guided chakra meditation -Nadhi Shodhana Pranayama -Chakra opening meditation ****** tea & vegan snacks break ****** •Exploring the different uses of Reiki -Reiki in everyday life -Creative uses -Reiki for manifestation •Reiki practice -How to do Reiki -Reiki practice in partners •Closing Circle -Group reflection Tickets available here: https://www.theveganyogitraveller.com/events/introduction-to-reiki-workshop-hamburg Seed: 40€ Sprout: 36€ Sunflower: 32€ I have changed my pricing structure to support our community of those who attend my workshops regularly. The price paid for this workshop will depend on previous workshop attendance (not including donation based events). Seed: New attendee (regular price) Sprout: Previously attended 1 workshop/1 Reiki treatment (10% off) Sunflower: Previously attended 2 or more workshops/ Reiki treatments (20% off) Please not that this workshop is simply an introduction to Reiki, and is not a Reiki attunement process. (Therefore after this workshop, you will not be qualified as a Reiki practitioner, rather you will be well informed of everything you need to know before taking the steps to becoming a qualified Reiki practitioner). This workshop is held by Maddie Lynch, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master. Maddie has been been attuned to Reiki since 9 years of age, and has been practising ever since. She gained her level 2 Reiki in Australia, and has since become attuned to her Master level in Germany. She holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology,and loves to integrate all of these areas into her classes and workshops. For more information on Reiki, check out Maddie’s blog: https://www.theveganyogitraveller.com/blog-travel/2017/8/28/a-skeptics-guide-to-understanding-reiki

Yoga & Clothes Swap

TRIBE Yoga Base

Come and join us for a donation based flow yoga class and a clothes swap at TRIBE Yoga Base! We will begin with our open level yoga flow from 14:00-15:15, followed by a community clothes swap until 17:00. So feel free to bring your family and friends and your previously loved clothes to swap and share with each other. Herbal teas will be provided and delicious vegan snacks and treats can be bought over the counter of TRIBE Yoga Base’s awesome fully vegan cafe! Any clothes left over will be donated to local shelters in need of donations. This class will be led by Maddie in English. Maddie trained to become a yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India in 2017, and has since travelled the world teaching yoga, workshops and retreats (so far taught in India, Australia, the UK, Greece & Germany). Maddie is also a Reiki Master and has a degree in Psychology. She loves to incorporate spiritual and empowering elements into her classes, allowing you to step off your mat feeling balanced and reconnected. About TRIBE Yoga Base: TRIBE Yoga Base is Hamburg’s first ever vegan cafe/yoga studio, located in Eimsbüttel. They hold a variety of different yoga classes and workshops including plant based and yoga workshops.

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Cacao Ceremony & Heart Opening Yoga Flow

Friedensallee 26


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