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11th Unity MeetUp
Dear All, please find here the date and the agenda for our next Unity MeetUp. • Talks ================================================================ 1) Insights on Predict/Rollback Deterministic Networking - Erick Passos & Jonas Priebe (Exit Games) - 30min Deterministic Predict/Rollback Networking can revolutionize realtime multiplayer experience for fast, twitchy, frame-accurate games that require responsive input. Multiplayer games are known to be extremely challenging for developers. While game design aspects do change a lot, it is the design and implementation of a suitable network synchronization mechanism that separates great games from the rest. In this talk we'll briefly discuss the history of netcode implementation strategies, and focus on deterministic predict/rollback, the modern incarnation of one of the first successful multiplayer mechanisms (deterministic lockstep) and why it is so important in today's games, specially for the recent race for mobile real-time multiplayer. Attendee takeaway: A perspective of online multiplayer implementation strategies (advantages/issues), and knowledge to help choose a suitable approach to networking based on intended gameplay and design restrictions; A deeper look into deterministic predict/rollback networking (ticks, input prediction and high performance rollbacks), determinism (fixed point best practices, memory aligned game states, etc. Intended audience: Network and gameplay programmers who want to keep up to date with new developments in online multiplayer solutions, caveats and challenges. Game designers can also benefit as most of the examples given will focus on the player experience implications of each approach. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) Scratching the surface of Unity ECS - Malte Dreschert (Dassault Systemes 3DExcite GmbH) - 20min Unity‘s new Entity Component System aims to replace the current MonoBehaviour system. But it also changes much of the things we take for granted when developing Unity applications. In this talk we pull away the curtains a little bit and take a first look at the new programming model. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3) Procedural Planet Generation - Arne Held (InnoGames GmbH) - 20min I will give an introduction into the generation of a planet. A planet can be represented by different data models. Three different variations and their advantages and disadvantages will be presented. I will explain based on a geodesic grid model further tips and tricks and show a small demo • Schedule ============================================================ 18.00 - Registration, Snacks and Networking 18.30 - Talk 1 (including Q&A) 19.05 - Break 19.15 - Talk 2 (including Q&A) 19.35 - Talk 3 (including Q&A) 20.00 - Hanging out, Snacks, Networking • What do we provide ================================================= An awesome atmosphere to network and learn, soft drinks and finger food is on us. You just need to your awesome attitude :) See you soon,

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