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If you sometimes find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the demands and pace of life today, this group offers you the chance to step off the treadmill for a short time to rest and reflect on your life, and the things that matter deeply to you.

Based on the work of writer/teacher/activist Parker J. Palmer, the Circle of Trust approach creates space for you to (re)connect your inner truth with how you show up in your outer life and work. For those who work in the caring professions, this work offers an opportunity to explore your sense of vocation or calling to your work. It offers a unique approach to professional development, as it is based on the idea that the most important thing we bring to our work is ourselves. It blends personal and professional development. You can find out more about the approach at http://www.couragerenewal.org I am looking to organise meetups with people interested to learn more about this work, to offer them the opportunity to experience the approach for themselves. From time-to-time I will organise programs and retreats, which may include book clubs, one-day and weekend retreats.

In a Circle of Trust we draw on insights from poems, images and other evocative things to help us in our reflections, and so I offer this poem by Mark Nepo ….

An Open Hand

The mind is not a storeroom

with mirrors where we retreat

to convince ourselves

that we exist.

The mind is a living room with

windows and more than one chair,

so friends can come and look out

and discuss what they see.

Not a fortress where we frisk and

strip others of what they believe

in order to share our secrets.

More a porch with birdfeeders

and coffee or tea where before

hello, you have to share a story.

Pull the curtains! Open the

windows! Brew the coffee!

Put out a sign: Other Views


Mark Nepo

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We're all in this together - A Circle of Trust Sunday session

We are all in this together …. This is a simple but powerful idea that we have all heard many times before from many different sources - from ecologists, economists, community organisers and leaders of all the great wisdom traditions. So why are we experiencing a growing sense of division, isolation and disconnection in our personal lives, our communities, our world, our Planet Earth? " We're all in this together" will be the theme of this 2-hour session on Sunday 9 June. We'll use poetry and other evocative media, journaling and times of dialogue to explore this idea of interconnection and interdependence and our personal experience of this in our lives and work. Thank you again Del for welcoming us to your home. I won't be publishing Del's address, but will forward this to you once you've RSVP'd. Numbers are limited to 10, so if you'd like to experience a Circle of Trust, I hope you're able to join us. This is an opportunity to spend a couple of hours reflecting on your life, and the things that are most important to you. In a Circle of Trust we offer a safe, non-invasive space for self-reflection and shared exploration. If you're joining us, please try to get there by 1.15pm, to relax and settle in before we start the circle at 1.30pm. We'll close at 3.30pm, and then you're welcome to stay on for a cup of tea. Please bring with you: • A personal journal with pen/pencils, also reading glasses if needed • Wear casual, comfortable clothing • $10.00 contribution toward my travel cost from Tauranga & resources If you're able to join us, please RSVP to ensure I bring along sufficient resources. I hope to see you there. Warm regards Mennie PS We're all in this together is the first of 5 Habits of the Heart (http://www.couragerenewal.org/habitsoftheheart/) suggested by Parker Palmer to be vital practices for healthy, life-giving, sustainable communities. If you're interested, you can read more at the link above.

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