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If you find yourself asking “What is the real meaning of life? Why are we here? Why is there so much suffering in the world today? What does it all mean? What is true wisdom anymore?” If you find yourself yearning for an unchanging wisdom that has always been and always will be, a wisdom which has deep roots in the past, which is part of a long and ancient tradition of Mystery Schools and is part of an earlier impulse of spiritual awakenings, then this is the group for you. Join us to discover a divine Gnostic spiritual truth that has shone its light through out the ages and is found within all religions in their original form. It is a truth that communicates directly to the heart of each and every human being, regardless of their religion or ethnic tradition. It is a practical spiritual path that will give our lives a long-sought after meaning. The International School of the Golden Rosycross aims to help seekers find the golden light of Gnostic Spiritual truth and form a living connection with it.
Everyone is welcome to join with our relaxed informal discussion group which meets twice monthly for an exchange on Gnostic wisdom. We also offer conferences and addresses to invited guests.

Our website is www.goldenrosycross-nz.org (http://www.goldenrosycross-nz.org/)

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“self ..Self.. SELF!

Waimarie: Hamilton East Community House

“Higher mind as a reality “ talk and discussion

Waimarie: Hamilton East Community House

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