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Internet of Things

The next evolution of networked computing where everyday objects will have network connectivity allowing them to send and receive data. Remember, on the Internet of Things, no one knows you're a fridge.

We are on the verge of another paradigm shift in networked computing that started with the invention of the Internet which allowed computers and networks of computers to easily communicate with each other. The second evolution was the world wide web which built on the Internet to allow vast amounts of data to be easily disseminated and accessed by anyone anywhere, anytime.

The Internet of Things is the third evolution of networked computing. Tiny, smart, always connected devices will be everywhere, in everything (including us). They will control, monitor, collect, and disseminate information and make decisions with very little interaction if any from us.

This group is for anyone interested in experimenting with microcontrollers, electronics and building Internet of Things applications. The learning curve to design and build really cool applications using microcontrollers and the Internet is not very steep. I've facilitated workshops on these topics before so I know anyone can learn to do it.

I intend to keep the meetups really informal and just what to create a space where people can get together, exchange ideas, hear about cool projects and devices, and get inspired to build stuff. There will be a few presentations and talks along the way, but I'll keep them short, and to the point.

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