Mastering Mind: Learn the HOW TO of 'Living Zen & Inner Peace' - Go Deeper


Mastering Mind: Learn the HOW TO of 'Living Zen & Inner Peace' - Go Deeper

SPECIAL CLASS - SPECIAL TEACHING ON THE WAY OF AWAKENING AND THE MYSTICS (AND THEIR LIVING PRACTICE). $15 (Only $10 if taking earlier class). 10 people min. Hae Kwang Sunim's 'Zen & Inner Peace' Tea Circle is a safe, healing space. In this class we address ‘Experiential’ Zen, Spiritual Awakening in todays world and how to become less ‘Velcro’ and more centred.

We also work with the Zen Scalpel that cuts through illusion, unsupportive thoughts, beliefs and mental process. It’s a training that lives with you in your everyday life. You can practice this right now. These are just a few of the topics that come up. This class is made up of loving, kind, sincere like minded people.

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You were born to be free!

More Details:

The P.K. practice shared in this class is not another self-help tool. It's a clearing tool or Samurai Sword that cuts through and gets us beyond unsupportive thoughts, beliefs and mental processes. In unawareness, acidic thoughts can multiply, dissipate our energy and cause contraction on many levels. P.K. systematically trains the mind to be less 'Velcro' and more skilful at not binding to mind objects (especially unsupportive, judgmental thoughts).

Conditioning is similar to the downloading of many programs into a mental computer. By middle age, people are saturated with downloads (i.e. mental connections made through past experiences as children, past relationships, work colleagues, parents and their related expectations, guru’s, etc., etc.). When hot topic issues become full in our neuro nets, the mind can even start to condition further on its own. However, with the Zen Scalpel, one comes to see the letting go process at a deeper level. They come to see what is behind conditioning and how to be free.

Through the skilful use of the Zen Scalpel, unsupportive conditioning naturally dissolves. Knowing the proper process is key and if one mentally grasps even slightly, the process becomes corrupted.

By applying what you learn in these classes, peace starts to take centre stage more and more. Learning how to shift perspective from what we call "Small Mind" to “Big Mind” and to peacefully abide from there is critically important for the nervous system (and healing overall). It's also the doorway to accessing innate wisdom and true compassion. With practice, the heart opens and addictions, ill will and cravings start to fall away. People from many different religious and cultural backgrounds study Zen & Qigong. It serves a great need. Ultimately, world peace can only be achieved if we first establish peace within our own minds.

About the presenter: Hae Kwang Sunim has been teaching in California and Ontario for over 10 years. He is a fully ordained Zen Monk and Vice Dean at I.B.S. For more information see: