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lake natoma 12 miles


Ride Summary Terrain: Rolling hills with a couple of hard (but short) climbs.

Distance: 12 Miles---, Speed: 8 - 14 mph----Rider Level: D-12 (Intermediate) <--LOOK!Sweep: Yes

Join us for the 12 mile "DIRTLOOP" (not road) ride around Lake Natoma. This ride is intended for people who can sustain 10 MPH or more on DIRT. We tend to go kinda' fast. It should take no more than 2 hours. If you cannot maintain this pace, you are not being fair to the rest of the riders.We leave the fish hatchery promptly at 2:10, so if you're late, you're going to miss us! As always, helmets are required.

An RSVP is a Social Commitment. Your Hosts and Organizers go to great lengths and often personal expense to make these events fun and enjoyable for you. If you are unable to show up please update your RSVP 30 minutes prier to the ride. This is so we don't hold up the riders that are there ready to ride