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It's like a a gym for folks who build and create. It's where you go to exercise your creativity. It's where you bulk up your knowledge, and work out your designs. Rip a board, sandblast a rusty tool, etch a circuit board, 3D-print a missing piece, or build a robot lawnmower. Wood and metal working, silver and black smithing, welding, molding, casting, soldering, electronics, robotics, rocketry,remote control, pinewood derby, painting, or just fixing a broken doohickey. You can learn to do it all yourself. Ask questions that our community of users can help you to solve. Hammerspace is full of creative members who may be able to help you with your project. Or our Member Mentors can help guide you through the learning process. Like a personal trainer for your workshop instead of your workout! Hourly rates are available for mentoring services. Professional laser cutting and CNC routing 3D printing services are available to the general public and members alike. Digital drafting services are available as well. Classes are held at the space frequently and these will be listed on the calendar at our website. Come join Kansas City's creative community of makers!


Upcoming events (5+)

Welding For Everyone

The NEW HammerSpace Community Workshop


WELDING FOR EVERYONE! In the Welding for Everyone class, the instructor will cover basic welding techniques. A variety of useful welding methods will be demonstrated and then repeated by the students. Open to beginners as well as those who have prior experience. Please bring a long sleeved, preferably denim shirt with you to protect your arms. The class will introduce you to flux-core wire feed, MIG and ARC welding. For ages:[masked] (All materials included) Seating is limited.

Open House Night For New Visitors. Come tour the workshop & meet fellow makers.

The NEW HammerSpace Community Workshop

Every Thursday, the members of Hammerspace gather to socialize, network, and meet new members of the space. We welcome the community at large to come down during this time to explore the workshop, check out all of the tools, fabrication equipment and work space made available to HammerSpace members, and ask questions of our community of Hammerspace users. There is plenty of off-street parking, a kids playroom available for tiny makers, and the evening is always the origin point of new and amazing creative ideas. Tours are led every 30 minutes for those curious about the tools and capabilities of the facility and staff. This is a free event, open to the public.

Intro To Plasma Cutting: "Talking Cat" Personal Demon Lamp

The NEW HammerSpace Community Workshop


Are you suffering from Disenchantment? Wanna taste something other than sweetness? Wanna cry salty tears, learn bitter truths? Maybe what you need is a PERSONAL DEMON. Take a big, meaty bite out of life and dip it in mustard! This metal and acrylic Luci lamp projects a variety of entertaining cavorting shadows when plugged into a source of malevolent power, or any AC wall outlet. In this class we will plasma cut, bend and weld steel, laser cut and solvent bond acrylic gobos, solder and assemble your point light, and put it all together with paint and rubber feet. Class Price: $125/lamp (all materials included) Suggested age range: 16 and older

Jewelry-Making Basics: Coin Rings (US Quarter)

The NEW HammerSpace Community Workshop


**UPADTE**: This session is now FULL, but we will be adding this class again in the near future. Dates to be announced. Learn how to heat, hammer, and shape metal while making your very own, very cool looking ring out of a US Quarter dollar coin. Coins will be provided, but feel free to bring one of your own if you prefer. Open to BOTH members AND non-members, so tell your friends! Cost: $45/person (all materials included) Suggested age:[masked] years old

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3D printing: How to draw 3D objects for printing

The NEW HammerSpace Community Workshop


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