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Lots of Blinking Lights: Learning to Multiplex & Charlieplex

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This is a slightly more advanced electronics class for people (age 10 and older) who already know some programming, or who completed the Saturday's intro course covering Arduino electronics and programming.

Price: $50 per kit

(includes either the charlieplexed or the multiplexed Hammes Hacks kit)

Course objectives:

-Assemble the laser cut case

-Learn to solder surface mount components

-Learn to solder through hole components

-Learn the theory behind multiplexing and charlieplexing

-Learn to read an electronic schematic

-Test and debug your PCB (usually there is an LED that is backward somewhere)

What to bring:

-Laptop to write programs

-Glasses if you need them to read a book or look at a projector

The electronics look like this:



The charlieplexed kit comes in Red, Green, Blue or Pink LEDs. To guarantee your favorite color please email me at: ( by Nov. 10 so that I can be sure to have your favorite color. After that it will be first come first serve.

5200 E. 45th St. · Kansas City, MO
4 spots left