Build Your Very Own Wind Turbine

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Hammerspace Community Workshop and Makerspace
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Harness the Power of the WIND! Join us for this all day class and build your very own DIY wind turbine. Designed to be constructed from simple parts, your simple wind turbine will generate small amounts of power, enough to charge a battery, and demonstrate the basic principles and components of wind power. During this all day class we’ll talk about the basic principles and history of wind power, learn about the parts of a wind turbine, and work together in the Hammerspace workshop to each build our own turbines from parts. The finished turbines will have a blade diameter of ~24 inches and generate DC power output between 3 and 12 volts.

This is an all day class. We will meet from 10am to 12:30pm, break for lunch, then reconvene from 1:30pm to 2:00pm. If you are not a Hammerspace member, please arrive early so we can get you sorted out with a safety waiver. We will be using power tools like belt sanders, drills, bandsaws, etc.

Suggested age range:[masked] years old