Build A Retro Bartop Arcade


This summer at Hammerspace Workshop we’re pleased to offer special limited seating classes to build you own Bartop Arcade! Join us for a day of Retro Gaming, Woodworking, and Painting!

Using a Raspberry Pi and the Retro Pi operating system, these arcades can play any retro arcade game we can find the digital image files from.

Over the course of this class we will build our cabinet from CNC cut parts to match our own retro taste, wire up and program the electronics. Come prepared to get messy.

Build teams are absolutely encouraged! Bring your friend, spouse, parent, or child and build your arcade together!

**Sign up for our optional second day (Sunday, August 11th) to paint and apply vinyl decals to give your new arcade its own personal flare! (Price: $50/machine)

This is an all day class with an optional second day. We will meet from 10 am to 12pm, break for lunch, then reconvene until 4pm. Bring a sack lunch along with you if you like.

Day 1 class includes:
Assembling our cabinets
Wiring the controls and lighting
Setting up the Raspberry Pi and Retro Pi operating system

*Optional $50 Day 2 class includes:
Painting your arcade cabinet
Creating and applying vinyl decals

Suggested age range: age 10 to adult (children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult)