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Family Woodworking: Wooden Sword Workshop

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Family Woodworking: Wooden Sword Workshop


Arm your loved ones against CLOSET MONSTERS and THINGS UNDER THE BED!

Design and build a strong wooden sword that is sibling safe.

This is a fun and informative wood working introduction workshop for both parents and their children (suggested age 5 years and older) or adults without children. We will go over which tools the parent/adult will be using (radial arm saw, table saw, scroll saw, router table, belt sander), explain what each tool does, how they work, then let the kids choose a sword design for the parents to make using those tool with guidance from the instructor. The kids will get to watch how the wood working tools make the sword pieces as they are being made by the adults.

After the pieces and cut and assembled, we will teach you and your child how to paint them to give them a realistic, worn metal look, and of course the kids get to pick out a gem stone to add as a final touch if they like.

People without kids are also welcome to sign up for this class. The cost of the class includes 2 people and 1 sword (all materials included).
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5200 E. 45th St. · Kansas City, MO
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45th & Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd.

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