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Welcome to The Surrey and Hampshire Photography Meetup Group. (formerly Hampshire Photography Friends)

The group was established in 2012 and since then has been the platform for numerous photographic meetup events, and is popular with both established and new members. We are always looking to welcome new members so please join if you like what you see and would like to join in with our activities.

The aim of the group is simple - to meet with like minded photographers to share skills and experience, and to improve our skills in a friendly and social environment. Whether you are highly experienced or a newbie to photography you will be made very welcome. It doesn't matter what type of camera you have as anyone with any camera can take a good photograph.

Before you join please read the small print - by joining you are accepting these 5 statements.......click below.

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A Day out in...........BRIGHTON - Hooray!

Brighton Railway Station


Well the above photo is just what it looks - Very Last Year (colour popping that is!) - in fact very very very - taken in 2012. We went here in 2013 and so long overdue a return visit - people then said it was the best meetup ever (until the next best one) - so in 2019 it should be even better...... Click here: https://www.meetup.com/Hampshire-Photography-Friends/photos/all_photos/?photoAlbumId=15544972 to see photos from 2013. So what better way to spend a summer's day than soaking up the atmosphere with trousers rolled up, sandals on, hankie on our heads and just taking in the air......or.......we can explore this amazing cosmopolitan city and take loads of photos. We can photograph the beach, the people, the Lanes, the pier, and even take a flight to 435 feet. We'll meet at the station at 11.30 am and leave at 11.40 to walk down Trafalgar St to Sydney st where we'll turn right down this bohemian shopping complex that makes up North Laine. we'll turn right into Gloucester Rd and then left down Kensington Gardens. Then Gardener st and then left to enter Pavillion Gardens with Brighton Pavillion - built as a holiday residence for the then Prince Regent - George IV. The Pavillion was designed by Sir John Nash who also designed the enlarged Buck House and many properties around Belgravia and Regents Park. We'll then cross over to the pier and I would suggest we take 45 mins for lunch - either fish and chips on the pier or one of many cafes, bars nearby. After lunch I would suggest a stroll down the pier and then in the afternoon - many things to do. The choices are walking east to Kemptown area and explore Madeira Drive, the beach, the bushes(!!!) and many may want to take the fullest advantage and join others on the nudist beach! Alternatively, or in addition a visit to The Lanes - the higgledy-piggledy small streets behind the pier and a walk west towards the burnt out west pier and take a flight on the BA i360 (tickets cheapest bought in advance - see here:https://britishairwaysi360.com/plan-your-visit/tickets/ ). After that we could meet for tea or a beer and then home with the sounds of the sea still pounding our ears...... PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGE: 1) People - ideal opportunity for street photography- ice cream/ketchup.... Mucky faces to the front! 2) Capture the colours and atmosphere in North Laine, the Lanes, and the pier. 3) The sea and the wonderful architecture of the Palace Pier. 4) A photo in flight 5) Kiss me Quick!! Cost of meetup £1 per person going - cash on the day please. TRAINS: Cheapest from London is £12.50 return from St Pancras or London Bridge. Expensive - London Victoria £29.40 return but a bit quicker. DRIVING: The cheapest is to Park and Ride - car park is at Withdean Sports Complex and parking is free....Bus 27 from just outside every 15 mins - cheapest is to buy Citysaver ticket (£5) from driver - covers buses all day. Stops at station, outside Sealife Centre....... https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/parking-and-travel/travel-transport-and-road-safety/park-ride Trafalgar St Car Park - near station - £10 for 6 hours. I'm sure car shares will be available. BRING: Hat, water and sunscreen. Sandals and socks Handkerchief with knotted corners wet wipes to clean your face after candy floss. Passport if you are flying and bags in case of turbulence. Camera So this should be a great day out for all. Come whatever camera you have. As usual please do not RSVP yes unless you know you can come and if you change your mind please change your RSVP to No asap. See y'all there campers. P

Hat's Off - it's Winchester Hat Fair!!!!

Peninsula Barracks


https://hatfair.co.uk/ Winchester Hat Fair is the UK's longest running Street Festival. It started in 1974 as a buskers' day, unfortunately with the disapproval of the city council. Since then it has become an annual national and international of street entertainment. On Saturday the artists will be spread out along the streets and squares of this vibrant historic city. There will be lots of colour and action to photograph. The day will also be an opportunity to wander around the more famous areas of the City such as the cathedral close, the Peninsula Barracks, the Great Hall where you can see the Round Table, the beautiful City Centre, the river and the Wolvesey castle as well as exploring the back streets around Winchester College. We'll meet at the top of the High Street / Romsey Road at the Peninsula Barracks - the former home of the Royal Green Jackets but now a mixture of private housing, the Military Museum and the beautiful gardens and fountains. Meetup time is 11am. The meetup point is a short walk from the station and easy to get to on one of the Park and Ride buses. Cost of meetup £1 cash on the day please for each attending and for each guest. We have been to Winchester before and roughly followed a route which I have put onto google maps - see here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1G5GdC87Q24j1vXSUUeVpAJPE3VU&ll=51.05829638485962%2C-1.3137193320551432&z=17 Please download or print or copy the link to your phone. We'll then move off down towards the High St - visiting the Great Hall where King Arthur ruled Wessex, building the current City in 9C. The Great Hall is all that remains of Winchester Castle and contains historic artetfacts and of course the famous Round Table of King Arthur. Whilst here, don't forget to visit Queen Eleanor's Garden. From here we walk through Westgate and down the High St before cutting across to Cathedral Grounds. All along there will be cafes, pubs and places to eat and grab lunch. and there is a cafe in the Cathedral Grounds. Don't forget to photograph the many colourful acts and the people visiting - great day for street photography. After lunch we'll follow a route either down the High St and an optional visit to the working City Mill and then cutting back to the area behind the cathedral where we'll find Wolvesey Castle and the pretty streets around Winchester College. Finally for those with the stamina and for those who have parked at the East Winchester Park and Ride there is a scenic walk along the meadows beside the River Itchen back to the car park. Take a look at the map - it is for guidance only and as with previously I imagine after lunch people will do their own thing in small groups. The Hat Fair is the main emphasis of this meetup but don't miss the opportunity to explore this beautiful city which once was the capital of England. CHALLENGES: 1) People - acts, performers, audiences, shoppers..... 2) Beautiful buildings and gardens. 3) A great place to practise composition.........try using Depth of Field to good effect by way of blurring either the foreground or background for effect; Rule of Thirds; leading lines etc etc. Don't forget hat, sunscreen and water. GETTING THERE: The station is near to our meetup point and accessible from many places such as London and Reading as well as the Southampton and Portsmouth. If you are driving I would suggest the Park and Ride (cost £3 I think but please check.) Look here: https://www.winchester.gov.uk/parking/park-and-ride/ For previous photo galleries look here: https://www.meetup.com/Hampshire-Photography-Friends/photos/all_photos/?photoAlbumId=26860567 https://www.meetup.com/Hampshire-Photography-Friends/photos/all_photos/?photoAlbumId=10606012 and here for the Hat Fair: https://www.meetup.com/Hampshire-Photography-Friends/photos/all_photos/?photoAlbumId=15920012 So this is one not to miss - a fantastic summer's day in a beautiful and vibrant city - see you all there. Peter

Covent Garden - Street Photography and a Visit to the London Transport Museum!!

DO you know the difference between an RT and a RM...or indeed an RML? Can you tell the difference between the 1938 stock and 1962 stock. Have you ever been on the Fleet Line? Answers to these and many many more at the London Transport Museum........ So we are going to spend a day in and around Covent Garden. We are going to meet outside the London Transport Museum at 10.30 am and spend 2-3 hours doing all thinks geeky before taking to the streets to have a go at 'Street Photography'. Cost of entry to the museum is £18 (£17 concessions) at the door or online in advance - £16.50 (£15.50) - expensive? - not really because your ticket then gives you free entry for an entire year - and you know as well as I do that you'll want to go back and back!! Ding Ding! Also meetup fee £1 cash please for photographers and guests. The museum itself covers the history of transport in London, from the building of the world's first underground line to Crossrail. There is a cafe for those who want a coffee and you can get lunch there, or we can venture out to a pub or caf when we are feeling totally bussed with buses or we have gone off the rails. After lunch we are going to head out in and around Covent Garden and try our hand at Street Photography. So what is Street Photography?............ There are lots of definitions but I think the easiest way of grasping it is to think of it as capturing 'Life' on the Streets - not just the streets but inside shops, pubs or other buildings or in parks and open areas. 'Life' can mean people interacting in and with the environment or the result of this. It is a visual record of what is happening all around us. It may be a comical moment, a combination of a street sign with a person or situation that makes a connection, it might be an abstract image of something. Better still are those photographs that tell a story. So there is a lot to use one's imagination about. Traditionally Street Photography has been shot in black and white but it can work well in colour as well. The most important skill is to keep your eyes open and look all around for that shot that will only be available for one second - so you need to be quick to snap it up. The nearer you can be to the action, the better. Most photographers worry about taking pictures of people without their knowledge but you want a record of street life and not a posed shot. Anyway in London there are so many tourists with cameras that it is easy to blend in and not be noticed. Those with small compacts will be a step ahead as you are less conspicuous. Take a look at these street photography short videos to get some ideas and a feel for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ntHNgDkBUg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdgiXPI-DZk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IpX77dEhQc Or look at these links for tips - the second is by Brian Lloyd-Duckett on whose course I went last month. https://digital-photography-school.com/10-tips-for-the-aspiring-street-photographer/ https://fujifilm-x.com/en-gb/stories/how-to-shoot-street-photography-at-night-10-tips-for-success/ If you are interested in Street Photography - I would recommend Brian - see: https://streetsnappers.com/ . So morning - trains, buses and more.....Afternoon - street shots. Obviously there is also a lot more to see around the Covent Garden Area - I would suggest walking around theatreland, or walking north to the area around Seven Dials - visit Neal's Yard for the quirky cafes and vibrant colours. So don't let the idea of Street Photography put you off - you can shoot whatever takes your fancy. When we're all done we can all meet up at a pub for a pint or a babycham. How about The Harp in Chandos St., or The Lamb and Flag in Rose St.? See you all there.

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Dreaming Spires and a botanic garden. A day in Oxford

Westgate Shopping Centre

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