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We visited this fabulous place a year ago to see the most amazing birds of prey - not only close up on the ground but in the air during the awesome flying displays. For those of you who haven't been to this, see this amazing collection of Birds of Prey this is your opportunity to see and photograph these graceful magnificent birds! We did this meetup in 2015 and there were some amazing photos taken: CLICK HERE ) to see them. So in essence this is one of those regular photo haunts for us - the sort of place you will want to go back and back to! This amazing conservation society is a charity with over 150 birds to see and photograph. Set in beautiful rural surroundings you will see 3 separate flying displays of eagles, kites, falcons, owls and the fantastic vultures which will swoop over your heads!! COST: £14.95 plus £1 meetup fee - pay your own entry and £1 to organizer to cover website fees please. Because of the timings of the displays we'll meetup at 10.15 by the entrance to Feathers - outside at the back of the restaurant, which will give us plenty of time to get to the vulture feeding at 11am, and first flight demonstration at 11.30. The trust opens at 10am but inevitably there will be a queue to get in so it's worth arriving early. We'll meetup after paying the admission. Basically we'll follow the timetable on the website and stop for lunch at Feathers - their restaurant. It's a whole day out and apart from the displays we will wander around the birds - some in large aviaries and some standing in the open! Look here for more info: Look here for timetable: Look here for directions: Challenges: 1) A picture of a bird in flight 2) A picture of a bird.....not in flight! 3) A picture of the public interacting - see above. Tips: 1) For flight shots you will need a telephoto lens - 200mm minimum - preferably 400mm or more (you will see people there with HUGE ones!). Remember your shutter speed should be at least as fast as the size of your lens. If you don't have one don't worry there is much to see on the ground as well. As you will be panning turn off your image stabilisation. 2) You will see some tripods and monopods but I think you are better handholding (the camera that is - not each other!). 3) For flight photos If you can, select small central area focussing, select continual focusing (ai servo on canon cameras) and continuous shooting mode. If you lens has an image stabiliser switch it off. 4) Remember aperture - if you are using fast shutter speeds your aperture will probably need to be wider and your DOF will be narrower, making focussing even harder so you might want to increase ISO speed to allow a smaller aperture but then you will get grainier/noisier pictures. The owl display is under tree cover and it tends to be darker. 5) Take lots!! Whatever there will be plenty of time to try different things and if anybody needs tips on the day please ask - there will be people of all levels of experience who will be more than happy to help. Remember whatever camera you have, it is a great day out, and even if you don't have a manual camera there will be lots of opportunities for some great shots. Peter SEE YOU ALL THERE! (Who will be first to name this bird under comments?)

Hawk Conservancy Trust

Weyhill · Andover SP11 8DY


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