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Welcome to The Surrey and Hampshire Photography Meetup Group. (formerly Hampshire Photography Friends)

The group was established in 2012 and since then has been the platform for numerous photographic meetup events, and is popular with both established and new members. We are always looking to welcome new members so please join if you like what you see and would like to join in with our activities.

The aim of the group is simple - to meet with like minded photographers to share skills and experience, and to improve our skills in a friendly and social environment. Whether you are highly experienced or a newbie to photography you will be made very welcome. It doesn't matter what type of camera you have as anyone with any camera can take a good photograph.

Before you join please read the small print - by joining you are accepting these 5 statements.......click below.

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An Evening of looking and sharing of your photographs on ZOOM.

Online event


Hi Everybody - I'd love it if you could join us for this evening where we will simply be looking at some of our favourite photographs. It will be an opportunity to chat together over some great photos which I'm asking you all to share. Tonight we won't be analysing photographic techniques or styles in depth but looking for the positive things that make us like a photo. Initially I thought we'd take a look through some of the stunning photos that members took on our day out 'meetupish' at RHS Wisley. It was a lovely day and we have some great photos to look through. It would also be great if there are any other photos that people would care to look through - if so please upload them to this album and we'll make time to take a look through these as well. Please upload these before the event. If anyone has any photos that they feel they need a bit of help with then please upload it and we can all see what suggestions we can come up with. If there's time we can cast a look at some of the Challenge - Street as well - we'll see how time goes. So let's spend a couple of hours together over the photos and have a social time too. Cost of this meetup is £1.50 each via PayPal. See you all hopefully Peter




HI EVERYONE - THIS IS OUR 14TH PHOTO CHALLENGE. PLEASE SUPPORT THE GROUP BY TAKING PART AND HELPING US TO CONTINUE TO SHARE OUR LOVE OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN THESE DAYS OF PHYSICAL SOCIAL DISTANCING. This is photo challenge number 14. The plan is to run 2 challenges at a time, overlapping by 2 weeks . The winner of challenge number one will choose the topic for challenge 3 and the winner of this one will choose the topic for challenge 14........ So this challenge is 'EVENTS' - David McKibbin came joint first in Challenge number 12 but all three of his photos were winners and so I thought he'd be well placed to choose a challenge. He has chosen 'EVENTS' and says " I.e. photos taken at processions, demonstrations, parties, festivals, sporting events etc." On the surface I thought - this is a toughie but when you think about it it covers virtually any gatherings and so I'm sure somewhere in the archives there will be that perfect shot. By all means go out there and see what you can get but please be careful and keep a distance from any groups. Photos can be added from the start until the announced finish. Photos do not need to be new - they can be off your hard drive if you prefer. You can upload up to a maximum of 3 photos for each competition . Meetup does not provide the option to 'like' a photo directly and so at the end of the challenge period I shall upload a 'VOTE NOW' photo and message everyone to start voting. I'll ask each of you to nominate the numbers of your 3 favourite photos (so 3 votes) under the comments section of the 'VOTE NOW' photo. At the end of the voting I'll announce VOTING CLOSED and Charles will count up the votes and I'll announce the winner, and then invite that person to choose a topic for the next but one challenge. If there is a tie for first place then both winners will have the accolades of the thousands of voters who decide and can justifiably feel proud to have achieved that. However the winner who in the past has attended the more meetups (not challenges) will get to choose the topic for the next but one challenge. If in a tie situation one photographer has the more photos in the winning slots, then they will take precedence. PLEASE NOTE that the cost of this challenge is £1 for each person taking part. Previously these events were free but I now need to try to cover the meetup site costs and to keep it running over this difficult time and so I think £1 is a reasonable ask. This will be payable by PayPal when you RSVP. Good luck everyone - please give it a go. Please make sure you can receive communications from meetup and please check for messages regularly. Peter

Another 'Meetupish' to Claremont Landscaped Gardens

National Trust - Claremont Landscape Garden


PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS DESCRIPTION - DON'T RSVP TILL YOU HAVE BOOKED SLOT A few weeks go we ran a really successful day at Wisley in which 12 people attended but kept to groups of six or less and practised strict social distancing. Since 14 September the rules have changed to make it illegal for social groups of more than 6 to meet. I think it is a reasonable view to think that this does not mean different groups can't meet in the same vicinity with a joint goal - which is to take photographs and to share with the larger group after the event. Therefore I plan to restrict this meetup to 6 people but will open an overflow meetup should more than 6 people wish to go to Claremont - thus 2 separate meetups. I'll suggest a place for each group to meet respectively at the beginning. Thereafter the individual groups can choose to stick to their group of 6 or to wander around individually. Please even within the group or groups keep to 2 metre social distancing from each other and indeed anybody else who is not from your household or any support bubble. If more than 6 total people want to go to Claremont then I'll ask somebody from the overflow group to act as a group leader for that group - really just to say 'hello' and welcome. The separate groups should not intermingle. If those going don't want to meet anybody else - even on arrival, then that is fine but I would ask them to text me to say they have arrived (I'll email my number nearer the event). My plan is to wander around for about 3 hours before leaving early afternoon. There is a cafe and loos but I'll probably take a packed lunch. As with Wisley I'll publish my position every so often using What3Words so that people know where I am. Claremont is one of the earliest surviving gardens of its kind of landscape design, the English Landscape Garden — still featuring its original 18th-century layout. The garden is Grade I listed. Originally created for Claremont House, it represents the work of some of the best known landscape gardeners, such as Capability Brown. Work began around 1715 and the garden was described as "the noblest of any in Europe". Overlooking the lake, is a turfed amphitheatre, which used to form the centrepiece of an annual event called the Claremont Fête champêtre. Hundreds of visitors descended on Claremont, (each year has a different theme) to enjoy four days of music, theatre and fireworks. Also within the grounds is the Belvedere Tower, designed by Sir John Vanbrugh. The tower is unusual in that what appear to be windows, are actually bricks painted black and white. All this and more. Claremont is situated next to a large lake and together with the wildlife provides a multitude of photo opportunities, especially as autumn starts to set in with its rich colours and lower light. The whole point of our group is to take and share our photos, and to learn from other people. Therefore please upload your photos to the meetup site as soon after the meetup as poss and please look at others' photos and comment on them. At a later date we will probably have an online Zoom meeting where we can together look through the photos and share comments and suggestions. So please sign up to this meetup and have a great day out at what is a beautiful landscape garden and certainly one of Surrey's treasures. Cost of meetup is £2.50 via Paypal, the fee going towards paying for the meetup site cost. Entrance fee: £8. NB YOU MUST BOOK TIMED TICKETS IN ADVANCE HERE: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/claremont-landscape-garden/whats-on by clicking on the timed entry button and navigating to the required date and time. NT members get in free but STILL NEED TO BOOK SLOT. I suggest you don't sign up the meetup and pay PayPal until you have booked your slot. The timed tickets will BECOME AVAILABLE ON THE MORNING OF FRIDAY 25th September so this is the time to try to get your ticket. I'll add meetup points later in the comments... 'See' you there - albeit at a distance. Peter

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