What we're about

Hampshire Wellbeing Mindset Group is for individuals who truly care about their wellbeing, whether it is weight, fitness, healthy lifestyle or simply mindset.

Many of us have tried numerous amounts of programmes and/or diets which seem to work for a short while then we go back to old habits and nothing seems to really "change", so we find ourselves back to the beginning and feeling totally confused.

Having been in that position, trying different diet plans, fitness programmes and even reading books about wellbeing and mindset I would find myself with a lot of knowledge and very little results.

Things, however, transformed and I found techniques which helped me and the results have lasted until now and I continue to go further into my wellbeing journey, learning more, doing more and getting even better results, without having to sacrifice anything!

My vision for this group is to run regular workshops in these areas:
*Plant-based eating,
*Food/Eating mindset,
*30-days to a healthy living,
*Vegan cooking classes,
*Foods to avoid and why, and
*Outdoor activities during the summer (weather permitting!).

The key to a happy and prosperous life is through a positive mindset and a healthy living, if this is something that appeals to you, then why not join the group now?

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this beautiful and healthy journey together.

Upcoming events

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