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Virginia Beach Morning Lean Coffee
Do you bring anything? Grab a coffee or breakfast while we have the meeting. The organizer will bring the materials needed. Dress code? There is no dress code. If you dress for work in professional attire or work from home in flip flops, it doesn't matter. We want your brain. How does Lean Coffee work? The meeting starts with a brainstorming session of ideas to discuss. Once the brainstorming session is over, dot voting will be used to prioritize topics. Each topic will be given a 5 minute time box for open discussion. At the end of the time box, the group will use Roman voting (thumbs up or thumbs down) on whether they would like to continue discussing the topic. If yes, 2 minutes will be added to the timer. The process will continue until the group decides to move on. The next topic in the priority list will then be discussed.

Town Center Cold Pressed

168 Central Park Avenue · Virginia Beach