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The HRSSUG is focused on Microsoft SQL Server software and the tools related to its use for all users starting with novices all the way up to experts.

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Join us for HRSSUG's regularly scheduled meetings every third Wednesday of every month. (Visit our Meetings Page to see the topic and speaker are for our next meeting)
Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group is a group which embraces the mission statement, “to empower data professionals who leverage Microsoft technologies to connect, share, and learn through networking, knowledge sharing, and peer-based learning.” The HRSSUG is focused on Microsoft SQL Server software and the tools related to its use for all users starting with novices all the way up to experts. Join us for HRSSUG's regularly scheduled meetings every third Wednesday of every month.

We focus on connecting SQL Server professionals working in all of the major areas of data.
Our Topics
We focus on connecting SQL Server professionals working in all of the major areas of data.
Business Intelligence
Meeting Format
6:00pm - 6:30pm | Free food / beverages, networking and group discussion.
6:30pm - 6:45pm | PASS news / announcement, a word from our sponsors, local event reminders.
6:45pm - 8:00pm | Speaker presentation followed by open discussion and networking.

Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group and Data Saturdays Virginia Beach
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Anti-Harassment Policy 
Minimum Code of Conduct
1. No disrespectful behavior. This includes threats, harassment, stalking, abuse, slurs, profanity, personal attacks, sexual remarks or innuendos, physical violence, public speculation about others, and any other behavior that you would not tolerate others display towards you.
2. Respect the presenter and other attendees
· Refrain from carrying on conversations during the presentation. If conversation is necessary, please leave the presentation room
· Ask questions but respect the presenter’s wishes regarding when to ask questions (some like questions during the presentation, others have specific Q&A time slots). Also, give others a chance to ask questions. If you have more than one question, give others a chance to pose theirs before you ask your next question.
· Don’t challenge the presenter on a point during the presentation. If you feel that the presenter’s information is completely incorrect or off base, signal one of the user group leaders, leave the room to present your information, and allow the user group leader to deal with it. Asking a question that might lead to clarification is one thing, directly disagreeing with the presenter leads to embarrassment of the presenter and confusion for other attendees.
· Avoid asking questions or making statements that will side-track the presentation. However it’s intended, it may be seen as hijacking the presentation.
3. No impersonations of a Microsoft or user group employee, agent, manager, host, or another user.
4. No illegal or offensive activities. Members will not publish, post, distribute, or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene, or other unlawful material or discussion in any group forum or post. This includes, but is not limited to, child pornography, bestiality, incest, illegal drugs, software piracy, discriminatory/racist statements or images and harassment.
5. Accountability. Members are fully responsible and liable for anything they say (whether orally or in writing) or do. This includes any actions taken based on advice or information received in presentations, online forums or elsewhere. Remember, always test what you plan to do, regardless of the source of the information.
6. No libel or slander against the user group, Microsoft or other persons or entities. Libel includes false statements made in written form, such as statements posted to forums or other publicly accessible websites, electronic mail, or any other printed form.
7. No confidentiality violations. Members may inadvertently gain access to certain non-public information during their participation in the group and are expected to honor the confidentiality of the information.
8. No plagiarism. Members may post their own original work or work that they have written permission to post. If a member cites another author’s work, please provide any necessary attribution according to the requirements associated with the original author’s work. Learn more about copyright at: 

9. No discrimination or harassment. This user group is committed to providing a harassment-free experience to members regardless of age, ancestry, color, gender identity or expression, marital status, medical condition, national origin, physical size, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, veteran status, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, or technology choices. Harassment is unwelcome verbal, physical or virtual behavior based on the characteristics identified above.
10. No sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is unwelcome verbal, physical or virtual behavior based on sex and includes gender-based harassment of a person of the same or different gender. Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to:
· Unwelcome sexual advances
· Sexual comments or inappropriate gender-based jokes
· Excessive, unwelcome romantic attention
· Offering or conditioning an employment benefit or preferential treatment, like a promotion or job assignment, in exchange for sexual favors
· Unwelcome physical contact
· Sharing or displaying sexually explicit content
· Using sexually degrading words
Reporting Conduct Violations

If you become aware of a conduct violation on or offline, you are encouraged to report it to a user group leader.
If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a user group leader or member of the event staff immediately.

Upcoming events (2)

Bill Fellows: Integrating atmospheric data into your systems

Link visible for attendees

"Has the weather impacted our business?" It's a fair question to ask but how can you go about answering it? In this session we'll learn how to use the same data files scientist use to answer that question.
Bill Fellows is an independent data consultant. He’s a former Data Platform MVP, jack of many trades and has forgotten more about SSIS than a person ought to have known.

Link will be posted as event nears- ONLINE MEETING

Matt Gordon: This Is Fine - Firefighting for the DBA

Needs a location

Whether you've been a DBA for a week, a year, or a decade, you've likely had that day where it felt like you were fighting multiple fires at the same time. That often makes you feel like you have no idea what you're doing - but you do. I've been both an on-call DBA and a consultant in my career so I've seen how to handle firestorms like this correctly - and how to set fire to everything by handling them wrong. Join me for an hour where I share some technical tips, some horror stories, and some success stories. Hopefully you will walk away with some tips to improve your incident response while improving your sanity during the storm as well!
Speaker: Matt Gordon
Matt is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and has worked with SQL Server since 2000. He is the leader of the Lexington, KY Data Technology Group and a frequent domestic and international community speaker. He's an IDERA ACE alumnus and 2022 Friend of Redgate. His original data professional role was in database development, which quickly evolved into query tuning work that further evolved into being a DBA in the healthcare realm. He has supported several critical systems utilizing SQL Server and managed dozens of 24/7/365 SQL Server implementations. Following several years as a consultant, he is now the Director of Data and Infrastructure for rev.io, where he is implementing data governance, DevOps, and performance improvements enterprise-wide.

Link will be posted as event nears- ONLINE MEETING

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Jim Donahoe: SQL On Linux for the Windows DBA

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