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Underwater Hockey in Newport News
Underwater Hockey Time! Come out for some great exercise, learn about Underwater Hockey, and play with the Hampton Roads UWH team. Meet on deck at 7:30 to sort out teams and equipment, in water at 7:45. Price: First Timers: FREE. Please let us know you are coming so we bring extra equipment! Returning Players: $10/game or prepay $60 for 10 attended games

Brittingham-Midtown Community Center

570 McLawhorne Dr · Newport News, VA

What we're about

Underwater What?

Underwater Hockey is a co-ed, non-contact, water sport played on the bottom of the pool. It is a very unique game in that it is 3-dimensional and requires you to play while holding your breath. Players wear fins, for speed, as well as masks, snorkels, and protective gloves and headgear. The sticks are short -- about one foot long -- so players can move them quickly through the water. Sticks flick and flash as players maneuver the puck on the bottom, shoot the puck past (or over) defenders, and bat down shots.

Underwater hockey play and strategy is similar to soccer or ice hockey. On average, each player is underwater less than 5 seconds at a time, and almost never more than 15 seconds. Success -- putting the puck in the goal trough at the bottom of each end wall -- ultimately depends on teamwork, not how long you can hold your breath.

Who Can Play?

Anyone! Because the game is underwater there is very little stress on the joints, and the water is a great equalizer allowing men and women, small and large players, to compete on the same level. You are invited to come use our equipment and try the game out (for free!!) and see if you like it. We have plenty of beginners every week so you are sure to fit in and have a good time, and guaranteed to get a great workout. We also go out together for Margaritas afterward.

See you on the bottom!

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