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Paddle and Strum: Outrigger Canoe Paddling and Ukulele
Our weekly Hana Hou Paddle and Strum get-togethers are always lots of fun - new friends, food, music, Hawaiian culture, a great paddling workout, learning new skills, a bit of adventure, and lots of aloha on a white sandy beach in Corona del Mar. The Hana Hou Outrigger Canoe Club takes to the water each week (weather and other factors permitting - always check this site for updates each Sunday morning - please see the extra note about this at the bottom of this page) on picturesque Newport Bay in a Polynesian style, six-person outrigger canoe. For beginners, things start off with an outrigger canoe orientation and paddling mini-workshop. Our goal is to make each paddling session fun and safe for paddlers of all levels of experience, newcomers included. Hana Hou affords everyone the opportunity to learn and to improve as an outrigger canoe paddler - but we never place pressure on anyone. That’s just not our way in the Hana Hou Outrigger Canoe Club. Here, we stress safety, fun, and mutual respect. But that's just part of the fun. Come to the beach early and stay afterward for our weekly Hana Hou hukilau (a beach party - the non-fishing kind). Every week, a kanikapila erupts - it's a Hawaiian jam session featuring ukuleles, guitars, hula, and even a washtub bass. Bring your singing voice (even if you don't have one), a chair, a blanket, a beach umbrella, or whatevah. Pack a snack and beverages and make a day it - or check ahead to see if we're having a potluck luau or other special event. New events are being added very week - and there are also some occasional surprises! Membership in Hana Hou and attendance at our weekly beach meetup sessions is absolutely FREE. No dues or fees of any kind are required for anyone who does not wish to paddle. If you do wish to paddle, the paddling fee is only $10 for four sessions - an absolute bargain. The $10 per month paddling fee includes one paddling session each week (four paddling sessions per month) in clean, safe outrigger canoes - plus paddling tips and instruction. We strive to make it fun and safe for everyone. The paddling fee also includes use of a paddle and on-board canoe safety equipment. Paddling is not mandatory for membership in Hana Hou. If you prefer, just come for the fun, friendship, and Hawaiian music. Here, we don't judge you by the size of your biceps or the length of your paddling experience - to us, the best club members are the ones having the most fun. Come as often or as infrequently as you wish. We don’t take attendance. You’ll always be welcomed even if you can only make it every once in a while. Please don’t ever feel as though you are locked-in to weekly attendance or that you can’t come back if you haven’t been able to come for several weeks (or months). We all have busy schedules and we understand completely if you can only be an “every now and again” member. There are no cliques or “insiders” in Hana Hou - everyone is ohana (family) beginning with your first visit. We’re here strictly for fun and never, ever to add stress or obligation to anyone’s life. Guests are ALWAYS very welcomed! No advance registration or notice is necessary. Just show up and bring along as many of your family members, friends, out-of-town guests, or anybody else as you wish. We’re a warm and friendly group - we promise that your guests will have a great time! Oh, and don't be spooked if you see that only a small number of people have RSVP'ed. That happens every week. There are always a whole lot more folks attending each week than there are RSVP's. That's fine with us - RSVP'ing helps us out quite a bit but it's never necessary. Haven't RSVP'ed? Not a problem - come on out anyway. You'll definitely have plenty of company. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again, PLEASE check this site on Sunday mornings prior to making the trip to the beach. Weather and other factors can sometimes force a cancellation. We will hold a Hana Hou meetup every week unless something unavoidable arises that makes it impossible for us to do so. Mahalo and a hui hou, David

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1901 Bayside Drive · Corona del Mar, CA

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Outrigger Paddling, Hawaiian Music, and Lots of Fun

The Hana Hou Outrigger Canoe Club welcomes everyone who has an interest in the beach, outrigger canoe paddling, hula, ukulele, and all aspects of Hawaiian / Polynesian culture.

Our focus is on fun, fitness, and friendship. We offer a safe, non-intimidating environment in which all are treated with warmth and respect, no matter what their level of paddling experience or physical ability.

It's recreational outrigger canoe paddling - not racing - in a warm, welcoming, no-pressure atmosphere. Hana Hou members have the opportunity to paddle picturesque Newport Bay in beautiful six-man outrigger racing canoes.

No prior outrigger canoe paddling experience is necessary. We're glad to show you how it's done.

Experienced paddlers will have fun, too, paddling with other Hana Hou members with similar experience levels. And if you ever feel the urge to kick things up a notch and try your hand at racing, it’s an easy transition into one of several local racing clubs.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Every Sunday, in addition to the paddling, we enjoy our weekly hukilau - a combination beach picnic and kanikapila (a Hawaiian jam session).

It’s a great playing opportunity for beginners and also for more advanced players. You'll receive free ukulele mini-lessons and lots of great playing tips.

Don't want to paddle or play ukulele? That's okay, too. Just come down to the beach and hang-out with your new friends. Picnic, talk-story, listen to the music, or maybe even to sing-along if you feel like it. You're perfectly welcome to join the club, even if you never pick-up a paddle - we're glad to have you with us!

There are no dues or other membership fees for non-paddlers. You’re welcome to come and joins us for our beach activities every week at no change whatsoever. However, if you do choose to paddle, it only costs $10 for a full month of paddling. That’s an absolute bargain! Four guided paddling sessions each month - complete with paddles and expert coaching for only $2.50 per session. Captain John will make sure you’re safe and that you have a great time on the water with your new paddling buddies.

It's easy to get-in on the action. Just sign-up online and then come down to the beach and join us in-person. We'll be there every week for Hawaiian-style fun.

Please scroll wa-a-ay down the page - past the pics - for the actual meeting announcements.

P.S. Here's an important tip: Owing to weather and other factors - some of them occurring at the last-minute - it's always a good idea to check below to make sure that our Paddle and Strum will be held before you make the trek down to the beach. We update the Meetup announcement each Sunday morning by not later than 10 AM - and usually earlier than that.

Hope to see you soon!

Once again - we do meet virtually every Sunday, year-round but please ALWAYS check the site on Sunday morning before coming to the beach. Occasionally, inclement weather or some other factor intervenes to force an unanticipated cancellation. It doesn’t happen often - just a few times a year - but we’d hate to see you make the trip to beach only to be disappointed. So please do check-out this site for the latest update every Sunday AM.

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