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Design Your Life Workshop @ Kripalu
Register Today: For everyone. If what you most want seems just beyond your reach, join Lauren Handel Zander, creator of The Handel Method® and cofounder of Handel Group®, and Laurie Gerber, expert coach, for a program that leaves no stone unturned. In their inimitable, honest, funny, deep and no-holds-barred style, Lauren and Laurie wake you up to your dreams by teaching you the key to happiness, self-esteem, and confidence: Personal Integrity®—aligning your head (plan), heart (desire), and body (actions). In this program, you learn how to - Uncover what you really want - Debunk your self-sabotaging theories - Keep promises to yourself that are a match for your dreams - Have difficult conversations - Continue to evolve by learning how to tell the truth - Shift your personality and still be you - Identify and understand your life lessons - Design your life mission. Lauren and Laurie use lecture, Q&A, highly dynamic and interactive small-group work, and writing exercises to clarify dreams, current realities, promises, and consequences. If you are ready to do the work, this program is the change you’ve been wishing to see. Required reading Lauren Handel Zander, Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life. Note This program includes a required homework assignment that will be sent to you upon registration. The homework is deep, profound––and, yes, takes a bit of time. However, the assignment will give you a roadmap to what you truly want in your life and what is standing in your way. From crafting dreams for twelve areas of your life, to describing your parents’ personality traits and how they play out in you, to writing out the memories that have shaped you, this assignment will rock your world. Please note, in order to give Lauren and Laurie time to review your work, the entire assignment is due two weeks before the program. Maybe It's You on Amazon: Register Today:

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

57 Interlaken Road · Stockbridge, MA

What we're about

Whether it's finding a job you love, fixing your relationship, losing 30 pounds or simply being ready for the next exciting chapter in life, the work you do at HG provides immediate inspiration, serious results and lasting knowledge.

Our Life Coaches utilize the Handel Method, which is also the foundation of the work we do in companies such as BASF, The New York Times and Vogue as well as the classes we teach at MIT, NYU and Stanford.

Together we dig deep, play big and don’t stop until goals are fulfilled and lessons learned. We care, we love what we do and we walk our talk.

The Handel Method®

The Handel Method® was created by Handel Group® co-founder Lauren Zander over the past 15 years. The method is the foundation for courses we teach at institutions such as MIT, NYU and Stanford, the work we do within companies such as AOL, BASF, Sony, BP, and The New York Times, and the coaching that we provide to individuals. The method is revolutionary yet easy to understand, methodical yet customizable. The Handel Method® is based on a belief in the power of speaking the truth, and in Personal Integrity® as the most direct avenue toward creating permanent change in any area of life. We work with clients to address their fears, thoughts, and negative beliefs so that they are free to invent a life they love.

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