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We are a community of agile practitioners from around the world: Scrum Masters, agile coaches, Product Owners, supporting ourselves on practical issues from business agility to agile product development.

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HoA EXTRA: How Elon Musk Would Run YOUR Business with Joe Justice

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Abstract: What I Learned Working for Elon Musk

Joe Justice worked for Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk.

In this Hands-on Agile meetup, Joe will share DX, or Digital Transformation, the agile operating system for TeslaSpeed—a term coined by the EU Commission to talk about how fast Tesla moves and how fast they need to move now.

The 12-step DX process brings companies from where they are now toward their manifest destiny.

Meet Joe Justice

Joe Justice is a TED.com speaker and guest lecturer at MIT and Oxford University in England. He has been featured in Forbes five times to date, including as owner of a “Company to watch” by the Forbes Billionaire Club, cited in more than eight business paperbacks and hardcovers, and is the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary for his work creating the disciplines “Extreme Manufacturing,” “Agile Hardware,” and “The Justice Method.”

His book “Scrum Master: The Agile Training Seminar for Business Performance” is available in seven languages.

Joe Justice founded WIKISPEED and operated Agile@Tesla from the global headquarters of Tesla‘s Fremont, California.

Meet Joe on LinkedIn, Twitter, and visit his website.

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Hands-on Agile 49: ChatGPT

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