Hands-on Agile #25: Virtual Ecocycle Planning with Mural

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Let’s try our favorite Liberating Structure microstructure — Ecocycle Planning — in a virtual setting with Mural, Zoom, and Qiqochat.



• Please avoid smartphones for your participation. Use a device that provides a large screen. (I use a laptop with a large external display.)

• Choose a stable internet connection.

• Test for possible VPN, network, or firewall issues in advance.


• Please install the Zoom app on your device beforehand to avoid VPN or firewall issues two minutes before the class starts. (Avoid attending the sessions via a web-browser; use the Zoom app instead.)

• Please update your browser; Chrome, Safari, and Firefox usually work well in their latest versions.

• Please make sure you have access to Google Apps; we will need them.

• Close all applications that are not needed to save resources for running the class. (Also, this keeps distractions at a minimum.)


• At any given time, no more than 100 attendees are admitted to the session.

• Be there in time, as we close the event for new arrivals a few minutes into starting it.


[1] Mural: https://www.mural.co

[2] Ecocycle Planning: http://www.liberatingstructures.com/31-ecocycle-planning/