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Welcome to HOIC! We enjoy a variety of active-life events...including, walking, hiking, biking, dancing, snowshoeing, camping, backpacking, bookclub, foodie nights, film nights, theatre shows, etc. We almost always include a physical activity with our events. The goal is to be physically active while having as much fun as possible:)!

Your picture needs to look like this, headshot with you in the middle. Clear and bright
Please ensure that your profile has a CLEAR FACIAL picture WITHOUT sunglasses, without hats. No full-body shots, not you with five friends, etc.…your face must be large enough to be seen via smartphone without zooming. No exceptions! THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE for you and the organizers.

YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING if it doesn't comply with the photo requirement.

YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING if you don't have a proper first name

YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING if you haven't been to an event at least once in three months. Please rejoin when you have time to participate.

Our trips vary from city and easy-trail walking to strenuous long-day hikes and multi-day backpack trips. We have members from North Vancouver to Chilliwack and even Blaine and Bellingham…and our activity locations are just as diverse.

Member dues ($5) are due in December or Jan for the upcoming year. If new members join in the middle of the year, payment will be prorated till the end of the year. Roughly around .40 cents a month, January 5.00, feb 4.60, march 4.20, april 3.80, may 3.40, june 3.00 july 2.60 august 2.20, sept 1.80, oct 1.40, nov 1.00 dec 5.00.
We hope you feel comfortable and plan to stay for years to come, but we do ask after your third event you pay via the meetup paypal link in your members account. Or to the event organizer


As do most other clubs a classification rating is used to help members judge the difficulty. Please don't hesitate to contact the leader for more info

Please read the description of the event your attending and any special instructions. If proper foot wear is required, headlamp or flashlight is required.

Duration: ( the part requiring stamina)

• A (No more than 5 hours average hiking time.)
• B (5-7 hours average hiking time)
• C (More than 7 hours average hiking time at a moderate to fast pace)
• D (More than 7 hours average hiking time, fast paced, into less traveled areas. For very fit and experienced hikers only.

Difficulty: the part requiring strength and skill

• 1 (Gentle gradient, rolling terrain.)
• 2 (Moderate gradient, occasional fairly steep but short sections.)
• 3 (Prolonged steep gradient, some scrambling and/or bushwhacking possible, occasional use of hands may be required.)

Elevation Gain (cumulative): the part requiring fitness

• a (Up to 500 m)
• b (500 m to 1000 m)
• c (1000 m to 1500 m)
• d (Over 1500 m)

We will also throw in a smattering of other activities such as walkabouts, biking, kayaking, movies, pub night, etc, but will always ATTEMPT to incorporate a walk or something active with it.

WE ARE NOT TRAINED EXPERTS, and are out to have a great time just like you. But, as a group of friends, we will do our best to make sure everyone has a fun and safe trip.

That doesn't absolve you of responsibility!
Educate yourself at a minimum (Some ideas: books/Google/Clubtread/ etc. so that you are aware of trail & animal safety, 10 essentials, trail etiquette, destinations, etc.) Be prepared!

Feel free to suggest some good hiking destinations and adventures.

See you out there:)

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