What we're about

New to Houston? Or Old to Houston but need a new group of cooler friends?
Well look no further cause soon you can be Hangin’ With The Guys!

The only thing you have to be is male, single (don’t wanna get you in trouble with wifey), heterosexual (not THAT kind of male bonding meet-up), and a cool down-to-earth kinda guy.
Other than that we welcome all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, beliefs, and senses of humor…except for overly sarcastic senses of humor, they’re a drag to be around. Other than that you’re in!

What we do:
1. Hang Out
2. Have as much FUN as possible
3. Explore Houston Nightlife, Daylife, and everything in between
4. Talk about life, love, problems, solutions, how to be awesome and win at life, and other important manly stuff.

In that sense we’re a support group for men, but without the crying. We do hug occasionally, but only if paired with a manly slap on the back.
Promise you’ll have a good time and we’ll never leave you in a ditch somewhere if you drink too much. Come on Down!

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